Does 'America's Team' Help Cowboys in Free Agency?

Does ‘America’s Team’ Help Cowboys in NFL Free Agency? @Sports Illustrated @Law Nation @Mark Holmes @Dallas Cowboys @Dallas Cowboys Report.


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  1. People say the cowboys management is cheap…this is ignorance at it's best

  2. It doesn't help the selfish egotistical free agents who put themselves before the team

  3. Doesnt matter because Stephen Jones is cheap and won't spend money in free agency. There was plenty of solid 1 techs and Safeties in FA that would've upgraded our defense and not cost alot on top of it but nope Stephen won't do it. So instead of drafting best player they'll get stuck a few times drafting for need which is how we got stuck with guys like Taco and Tristen Hill meanwhile they bring back the usuals like Anthony Brown and over pay them to be mediocre. Our GM's suck and they'll continue to hinder this team as long as they run things!

  4. Term is 45 years old. It doesn’t resonate with players that weren’t alive the last time we were in the super bowl.

  5. amazing video it was really good

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