The Dallas Cowboys Allowed Players To Test The Open Market 2020

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  1. Quinn got $70 mil in Chicago!

  2. Looks like several vets from our D wanted to go play for Marinelli in Oakland!

  3. Draft one of the top wr if Kinlaw is gone.

  4. Raiders agree to terms with Jason Witten on one-year deal – ProFootballTalk
    Jason Witten will not finish his career with the Cowboys. After 16 seasons in Dallas, Witten is moving on. He will head to Las Vegas to play for the

  5. With the 17th pick in the 2020 draft the Dallas Cowboys pick CB from LSU

  6. The bears just sign Robert Quinn but we should’ve kept Quinn

  7. Quin went to the bears

  8. Quinn, Cobb, Jones all gone and hard to replace. You will not replace Jones with Harris! A slower, shorter, older corner he has been torched, and won't get much less than what we could have gotten Jones for. We need Gregory to replace Quinn. I believe Pollard can be used in the slot at times out of the backfield. But this changes alot.

  9. I think Dak is going to hold out 🤔what do you think law?

  10. Really hope we make some moves todag

  11. I wonder if were going end up resigning dez now to help fill that void

  12. Shot out to David Big Cat Irving , Randy The cool ruler Gregory and Ro MAC the only true Lion at LB / if you can get those dogs on the field then we got something

  13. Im really hopeing Dallas drafts S Brandon Jones out of Texas. I followed his college career and the guy can ball!

  14. We need to re sign Quinn

  15. Let's not forget that Randy Gregory applied for reinstatement. Nice addition. Might change some draft thoughts

  16. I’m thinking defensive 1st pick

  17. Shoulda atleast seen if we could have gotten to first for dak all day

  18. Had to tag Dak to keep Amari. Daks deal is still being worked. He will get a new deal. Cobb can be replaced. Byron will be missed but replaced

  19. Law you sound just like a radio host. You sure you don’t have a radio show?

  20. Byron overrated. This team is just filled with overrated players.

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