Cowboys Rumors: Dak Prescott Offered $105M Guaranteed on New Contract

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  1. Its Insane the Boys offer anything more then a 1/2 case of yogurt for such a average QB. Tag & TRADE to another clueless team seems to be the only answer.

  2. Quarterbacks are not worth $20 million more than a running back. Just ask Troy Aikman, John Elway, Trent Dilfer and Russell Wilson.

  3. Patty is making Dak look bad with the Brady mentality! Patrick Mahomes Doesn’t Want Contract to Keep Chiefs from Winning.

  4. But Pat Mahomes has a Super Bowl ring Dak doesn’t . Pat Mahomes deserves 40 or $50 million. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Steven Jones etc. They should’ve signed Dak two years ago with an extension, and he would be making at least 29 million a year right now.

  5. He'll get signed whether some whiners like it or not. However, what he gets paid and what he is worth is 2 different animals.

  6. Next year cowboys will be drafting on the top 5

  7. I dont mind my WR dropping the ball when they are trying to make a big play. Thats why T.O and Dez had a few drop balls every year. Trying to make the big play.

  8. We just need and want a super bowl go cowboys 💸🤫🤫🤫

  9. I knew Jerry would fold like a lawn chair and pay Dak the crack . What a fool we have for a GM.
    Jerry just signed his epitaph and he will die before winning another S.B.
    That fu*k must have slipped on his head way back because he doesn't know shit about football.
    For one he shouldn't have kept Cooper Rush for 4 years and not let him take over when Dak want's more money. Why keep a back up if you don't believe he can be #1 when the #1 wants more money?
    The whole Jones family are just interested in making money, not taking chances for winning it all.
    Dak is not Mahomes and never will be. So forget about winning anything for the next 10 years.
    GO CHIEFS. I'm off this sorry ass wagon- All you Cowboys fans are a bunch of pathetic losers
    so wake up and switch to another team. Any team.
    Dak can go & fu*k himself he sucks and I wouldn't offer him 15 mil a year. And guess what if he gets tagged this year he will be gone by next year. FOR SURE.
    Hey Law, don't you get tired of losing every year? don't you get tired of talking about those losers?
    Why don't YOU get off the losers and get on with the winners.

  10. I appreciate your headline says Rumors besides putting factual statements that are not true.

  11. Cowboys are straight fools that big contract won’t last long when Watson and Mahomes sign their contracts 😂😂. And these 2 guys deserve monster contract can’t believe Dak played the Cowboys into giving him what he wants.

  12. Zeke will be the Primary Target so I refuse to believe they'll give him a huge deal just to hand off the ball.

  13. he should take the deal

  14. Hes Not Worth it Nooooooooo'…Fuckkk.. Pleze..Franchise Tag him.
    Fran.Tag Him He is Not Worth It..NOOOOOOOOO

  15. 105 million, for another maybe make the playoffs, or a 1 and done? What a joke

  16. What’s up Law nation! They need to sign this man today the 10th is on Monday they gotta sign there Wr soon so Dak won’t be stuck, they playing games..

  17. Can we just get this Dak contract wrapped up already, this is the 3rd straight year with some sort of controversy involving contracts. I want these players specifically Dak focused on his game not on getting paid.

  18. This guy is soooooo overrated…next big bust…sure, good came here and there. Even Mitch has a good game once in awhile…😂 about talented as Kaepernick…

  19. Law in your mind do you think he you should take that deal?

  20. Claudia one thing you're not a Super Bowl quarterback and to you in one and who's to say what they're worth is if you was in this situation what were your work be if each individual quarterback think they're worth is 400 million a game who's to say they're not you don't have to pay

  21. Fuck him if he doesn’t want what the cowboys are offering then go get what you want from another team

  22. Unless pat mahomes takes a team friendly deal so that they can afford to put great players around them in or for them to succeed.

  23. Brady gets less money and can still win games and win Super Bowls

  24. Stupid Jerry Jones

  25. Worst Move for The Cowboys

    Another Overpaid Player on our team

    And now you add Dak 😒😒😒😒😒 i guess giving money away to inconsistency is more important winning Super Bowls

  26. Dump inaccurate dak

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