Damon "Snacks" Harrison Against The "RUN" Film…

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  1. Texans get him let's go…this was before it's time

  2. Another big body that occupies a lot of space

  3. Exactly what we need

  4. Come on Jerry Philadelphia just picked up a nose tackle from the Steelers and why do u think because of guys like Zeke. We need the same thing.

  5. For starters, as usual great video, and even better evaluation.

  6. Teams don’t really build for the league anymore they build against the teams in their div which is weird inside what do you do once you get to conf game

  7. Why are we doing video like we signed him ?!?! Is their something I don’t know or is this just a way to get views on the channel?

  8. Snacks should have Tyron Crawford's last year's paycheck and this year's!!

  9. Snacks was a brick wall, but he demands too much money, then dominates and disappears.. Plus the Cowboys wont pay for it..

    They had somebody but Collins didnt get it done when he needed to.
    HURT constantly..Now its pretty light inside… This team does not pay NT or 3tech..and We have no idea if last yearz draft pick is going to even assume the second round bust moniker from last year..They will draft another project or another head case..Im so out on 3tech and the Dallas Cowboys..

  10. He will be a big addition to the defense especially with the backs and free’s up the linebackers to make more plays I like this 👍🏽

  11. Your wrong. You can find 1 Tech Defensive Tackles in the 3rd thru 5th round. Now yeah 3 Tech DT are gone by the 3rd but not 1 Tech DT.

  12. Weve been needing him since last year at trade deadline i relly dont know wtf the frontoffice is waiting for they lagging on the real

  13. Snacks, McCoy…D Law…3 household names…naw Law it aint gon happen…wont let u get me excited

  14. Hey Law, Let me tell you that I have been a Cowboys fan for more then 45 years and there's one thing my eyes told me for the last 2 years, is that the Cowboys can't beat the Chiefs if their lives were dependent on it. So all those picks & all the Mambo Jambo you & others like you are saying will not get those Cowboys anywhere. In fact I don't think they will make the playoffs next year. one last prediction- this will be Dak's last year with the Cowboys if they don't reach a deal. And I'm pretty sure they wont.
    Jerry got lucky when he hired Jimmy but his luck ran out when he fired him and for the last 25 years
    he proved to America that he's pure sh*t as a GM & and an owner.

  15. A guy who can get in the backfield and disrupt the run as well as make the pocket uncomfortable for the quarterback is way more valuable than the average price tag for the position!

  16. Yes please, I've been screaming this for years! We had this kind of defense in the last couple of years with Parcells. Having one or two big men in the defensive front stops the run and keeps your linebackers clean and healthy!

  17. I always wondered why we didnt think like that. Brian B always said we needed a 1 tech. Good word💯👍

  18. I coveted Veta Vea badly Law Nation

  19. He can be that SPACE EATER we've been looking for.

  20. Would love to get this monster in the middle

  21. Thats what this D has been missing, them not putting stock in that position has hurt this team for a while now

  22. I played against snacks in college. He’s a beast! We need him

  23. Snacks in the rotation still can draft a guy

  24. He’s a beast in the interior

  25. This would be a great acquisition to our team… Any player with this tenacity would help our linebackers so much

  26. Our old dline had more gaps than a old crackhead i like to see what this new D fina bring the trench war is always important O line against D line who wins the battle wins the game

  27. He would be a nice addition to our team in the middle of our defense I could piture him next too McCoy who we just got.they are going too be nice in the middle of our defense I think we need another lineman at the other spot on defense and we will good too go.i like us signing ha ha at satey he going too be better than the other safety we got rid of

  28. Come on Dallas sow up this middle get us SNACKS

  29. Yes – whoever it is, they've needed a gap fill run stopper for years now!

  30. Are we still going to play Tampa Cover-2???

  31. there was a article on blogging the boys.. top four remaining free agents the boys should go get

  32. We get snacks..idc if kinlaws is still there we get him

  33. Did snacks sign with Dallas yet??

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