Was Kellen Moore Offense Problematic???

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    and then "LOOK" at the Saints game (this is the game that showed me, this was going to be a BAD YEAR for Dallas)!
    Almost EVERYBODY just CHALKED UP the first 3 games to the Cowboys playing "MEDIOCRE TEAMS", but there was a clear SHIFT in PLAY CALLING when the Cowboys played the Saints! The play calling CLEARLY "REVERTED" BACK to the PREDICTABLE, GENERIC, LAME A**, AND OUTDATED "SCHEMES!"
    It was obviously time to MOVE ON from Scott Linehan, but I followed Linehan, LONG BEFORE he came to Dallas, and if you look at his PHILOSOPHY "BEFORE" he came to Dallas, it was NOTHING LIKE what he was calling in Dallas, which shows, Linehan was getting "INFLUENCED" by Garrett and / or the Jones'! IT WAS / IS OBVIOUS!
    When the Cowboys MOVED ON from Garrett (8 -11 years too late, for me), the FIRST THING I said "IF" McCarthy decided to keep Kellen Moore, I want to see him "WITHOUT" Garrett!
    I said last year, I know Dallas needs defensive upgrades, but they need to find 1 or 2 WRs in the draft, if they can, because they probably won't have Austin and / or Cobb. Obviously, the situation with Cobb will be different (unless his contract demands gets crazy or another team offers him more than Dallas can) with McCarthy now being the coach!
    Dallas could use a "SUPER FAST" WR, who can TAKE THE TOP OFF THE DEFENSE and a BIG, 6' 4", 225 lb. WR, who is a RED ZONE / END ZONE THREAT.

  2. Yes let’s talk about the redzone offense!!!! That ish needs to get fixed this off season!!!!!🔥

  3. if u want to see that, then the cowboys need to bring him in for OTA's

  4. YES…IT WAS PROBLEMATIC!…..and inconsistent!….linehans was worse!

  5. Remember almost there Jason Garrett hand is all over this can’t remember which game but I remember the statement

  6. I like tavon but as far as slot receiver I'd much rather have cobb any day hands down

  7. I'll take Randall Cobb on the side, he was daks #1 Target at random times, Obviously Gallup and Coop were utilized more, but yeah Cobb was used quite a bit. Tavon was used very little, would I like to see tavon used a lil more, sure I would. Tavon has been in Dallas for a few years and they use him very minimally in the offense. Tavon used for special teams more than anything else, yeah he caught a few long balls, but Cobb was a reliable target for Dak.

  8. Ye man I wasn't that impression with him. I wonder how this off-season is gonna go, with dak, amari, the new coaching staff, and maybe even a new qb being at the helm next season, we'll see.

  9. #LawNation: You mentioned finding a replacement for Tavon Austin. Would you please entertain the idea of Taysom Hill? It seems as if Kellen Moore could find a significant role for him. Plus he could serve as a safe backup for Dak (at least he would be better than Rush). Could you imagine having to defend a line up that has Dak, Zeke, Gallup, Coop, Pollard, Cobb, and Hill? I just don’t know how the restricted free agency works with a first round tender. What are your thoughts?

  10. Jason was interfering with Moore too. We can't evaluate Moore until we see him install and run his own offense. McCarthy said whoever installs the plays will call them. Moore will be calling the plays. Let's see how the boy genius does.

  11. What if the play was good and the execution was not so good?

  12. Yes Montgomery!

  13. Law!!! You’ve got a serious point! About Scott and Jason. Great observation.

  14. Was it Mike McCarthy who developed Eddie Lacy? Or some other coach? Scott Linehan was better than Kellen Moore, just look at 2018 & 2019. Garrett made decision on both.

  15. Yes I agree 👍

  16. Jason Garrett who 🤔

  17. slow starts+bad play calling= 8-8 so yes Moore deserves the blame

  18. One thing for certain Law Nation
    Kellen will have the better mind behind him in McCarthy

    Garrett wasn't interested in Moore succeeding…
    He'd have doom d his own fate
    He saw Kellen moving in on his territory as he did Wade Phillips

    McCarthy sees what we do
    He can pick young Kellen's mind while getting reacclimated back into the NFL after q year off

    Kellen will be to Coach Mike Mac what the next Josh McDaniels is/was ??? to Belichek

  19. Aside pro caliber defense's….
    No doubt Dez will outdo JWitt

  20. Law
    I've commented on almost every YouTube about something you just alluded too

    Jason Garrett NOT wanting Kellen Moore to outshine him
    Steven, Jerry, Will McClay, JG etc all said Kellen would be backed up by JG & Co in case he slipped

    That never happened and JG was banking on having being stripped of his playcalling duties as one final chance at HC

    Linehan should do alright on the college level

    Kellen Moore will no doubt be NFL caliber OC etc

  21. Coming from a Chris Peterson team at Boise State, it's hard for me to think that Kellen refused to have Pollard and Zeke on the field at the same time more. That seems like a Garrett move. I find it odd, in a league where finding the mismatch is paramount, we went from doing that earlier, to being more vanilla later. And no Pollard and Zeke on the field together.

  22. New Jersey in the house

  23. Kellen still needs time to learn

  24. The best thing Dez can bring is dawg & enthusiasm. 💯 Since Dez no heart ❤️

  25. No one will pick Austin, I hope he just wasn't another casualty of not being used by Garrett. If he is that sorry we've waisted a ton of talent due to Cowboy loyalty. I know he could've done much more . But move on

  26. His routes are still not crisp or precise. It's to late in the game to learn how to run routes

  27. Dez still isn’t running crisp routes I don’t think he looks good

  28. There's no real way of knowing if Kellen Moore was problematic or was Jason Garrett the Real Problem. Considering the fact that we had the most productive offense in the NFL last year, I would say that Kellen wasn't the problem!!! Often times what cost us points, what cost us wins, what cost us NFC East Champions was the team shooting itself in the foot all the time… Which pretty much lays at the feet of Jason Garrett alone.

  29. He set up Phillips to fail because he wanted his job… He was the offensive coordinator the play caller

  30. That's why Jason Garrett should have been fired when he got Wade Phillips fired back in 2010

  31. I Remember that interview on 105.3 The Fan when they was talkin about Wade Phillips being jacked up By Jason Garrett. I think it was last year around this time. A former player who was there was talking about it. Defensive lineman

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