Cowboys Break: The Rams Defense? | Dallas Cowboys 2018-2019

Looking at the depth chart, the Rams’ defense looks unstoppable. The stats suggest otherwise. So which one is it? #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL …


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  1. Ya lost! Cowboys and their fans stink!! Go Birds!! Definitely taking down the Saints tomorrow!!

  2. Only once this year, against the Saints, has the Cowboy offense been hitting on all cylinders. But the Cowboy D has been playing at a high level all year and has gotten tougher at the end. Everyone wants to talk about OFFENSE, the Cowboy offense. But this is about the Cowboy Defense, not the Ram defense

  3. Credit to the front office for adding depth to this roster to truly give us a next man up ability.

  4. I listen to this pessimistic show just for banter.. Hangin with the Boys is best difference is night and day

  5. Don't tape the boys you give up thier game play to other teams

  6. Iam calling its going to be the colts an cowboys in Superbowl an Dallas cowboys win.rematch game..


  8. Dave is funny when he said Dak was built to take Hits, obviously a statement from someone who has never taken hits nor played the game, or understands the impact of Hits on the players longevity. Like the fan base of yesteryear who thought marion Barber was getting stronger by running into tackles. Sorry don't work that way. Dak Is Strong & Tough as they come, but that doesn't make you indestructible. He is also not nimble, but hard to tackle when he gets a head of steam up. I think Tavon has another Bigger game, but this D needs a Irving DT type, for the D to be Great & Create Turnovers like a Championship D does.

  9. Dak jumped before he got hit on the knee so he’s ok, the one that I’ve been worried is ZEKE and Cole

  10. They are gonna get mauled by our D line and mauled by our running game. Easy dub if we don’t turn the ball over or have a bunch of dumb penalties

  11. Those defense stats sounds good an in our favor but that don’t matter every game is different, and I remember when the colts had to worst rush defense in history in the regular season but that playoff run no team was able to rush over 50 against them

  12. You guys are not extemporaneously humorous or entertaining. More script, less humor please. Ugh.

  13. Cooper lined up in slot on the bang 8 that got us for game winning TD.

  14. Rams will beat the cowgirls 66-3 mark my words.

  15. Shouldn’t we expect Rams to blitz to stop the run? I would think they would force Dak to pass into single coverage. Am I missing something?

  16. We have a real chance to win this we just gotta avoid shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties, turnovers, and blown coverages

  17. Damn I wish I worked there too if Ambar coming in to work like that 👌🔥

  18. Dak doesn't throw enough in the middle I'm glad u said that it's there in this game go cowboys.

  19. Sexual Harrassment, contact HR or Jerry. They being very nasty in there!!!!

  20. LA LBs are weak to say the least. Their OL banged up.

  21. Utilize RPOs to combat their man-to-man coverages. Attack Marcus Peters whenever he's lined up on Amari. Run the ball at Aaron Donald.

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