Cowboys Break: Fixing the Offense? | Dallas Cowboys 2018-2019

The Break discuss all kinds of scenarios to improve the offense, from new personnel on the field to possible new coaches. #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation …


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  1. Dallas for sure needs to fix the offense thats for sure.. Dak isnt the proablem… It just makes him look bad when the coaching isnt on point..the offense is weak…

  2. easy get a new owner new coaches and more weapons on offense

  3. Painful listening to her

  4. Lincoln Riley might be available next off season…

  5. I don't understand Marinelli's love for undersized defensive tackles that can get pushed around. Is Snack Harrison a free agent?

  6. One reason why I HATE most of our uneducated fan base, WHAT MAKES KRIS RICHARD SO FUCKNG TEFLON??? Do NOT get me wrong I am happy he is on our staff but THAT…THAT is the best game plan you come up with and that clown has seen the Rams twice a year the past 6 or 7 years in Seattle???? As a Jason Garrett fan yes there are a couple areas he can improve but you stay in nickel coverage 99.9% of the game when they are running the ball UP THE MIDDLE all night long? Then Jerry embarrasses himself after the game talking about the field conditions??? Jerrywas bitching about the sideline part of the field.WellJerrah they ran it UPTHE GUT all night and the blew us of the ball. Honestly, it was like last year's second half of the Rams game never ended. Kris Richard was creaming and yelling at Sean Lee. Well Kris guess what jack ass???SEAN LEE did a better job of being a player coach this year then you did as a secondary coach. Yes I like the progress of Xavier Woods but pro bowl my ass, Byron Jones is a friggin joke and the more teams that attack him expose him. So I am glad Kris is on our staff but he did a HORRIBLE job this past weekend. Too bad most of our fans are too pussy to say it.

  7. I gotta go with Jaylen as being a little better than Leighton. I think Smith plugs gaps better and can really stick running backs the hole

  8. I know Leighton had a better year, but I don't think this defense functions well without Jaylon Smith. I honestly feel that Jaylon Smith is the better player here between him and Leighton. If anything Jaylon smith is probably the best defensive player we have. Just my thoughts

  9. They wrong Jaylon > LVE

  10. I love the way you struggle sometimes to get it out mami.

  11. Everybody sitting in that room 100% KNOWS Jason Garrett should be gone and this team handed over to a new coach. Also..Everyone in that room likes their job and paychecks and won't dare say it.

  12. What we as the fans need to do is to boycott the Cowboys till Jerry steps his ass down.

  13. Theres Mike McCarthy out there or Jim Harbaugh. Hopefully they draft Marcus McMaryion From Fresno State

  14. Just goes to show you. You can't teach an old dog new tricks!!!
    You have a oc that has been bad all over the league a head coach that can't adjust to different games and a Qb that wont run when theres open lanes? Just goes to show you Jerry Jones is a joke.

  15. Tired of "all we need is this hot coach". Name me one coach in the modern era that made one tackle or one catch. Parcell is a great coach but he never made a play on the field. If a team wants to win, then the players on the field need to make those plays. This is the real world not Madden Football.

  16. The thing that this discussion is overlooking (so far, not done with the video yet) is that the vagueness of what lies ahead in the off season also leaves the door open to the possibility that coaching is not the change they are scrutinizing. Maybe it's not resigning Dak and keeping Linehan. I personally think this is the big internal struggle inside the organization – what if we bring in "Johnny Football" to be our OC and it turns out it was Dak all along? I don't think we know what we have primarily because the play calling has been so suspect.

  17. The Cowboys Leadership is in flat out denial, in regards of the coaching staff.

  18. Gary Kubiak is way better than Scott

  19. wait what? ! 2 playoff wins in 10 years is nothing to worry about? ! sounds like he's drinking the loser kool-aid that Charles Haley was talking about! any and every organized sport I've ever played, the final test of your meddle and the end game goal is to win the championship! except for where,on the Cowboys ? isn't winning the freakin benchmark for being a success? wow, screw playing for the Lombardi, hey lets pass out participation awards instead! since when did this revert back to the pee wee league anyway? Hey Roger, give back your Super Bowl title, we're substituting it for participating awards instead! yeah Roger, just like your 3 year old grandson just got from finger painting with pre-school! lmao! unreal! ▪☆☆☆▪

  20. Fresh perspective is a great thing when it comes from a coach with a pedigree. Case in point, Kris Richard. Not one coach on the offensive side of the ball has a winning pedigree outside of the Cowboys.

    When you have three RBS and a FB on the active roster and not use ALL of them creatively in the run game as a identifiable running team is ludicrous. Dallas decided to run 45% of their plays through the middle. 4th and 1 being the most ridiculous. Zeke is slower and the offensive line is dramatically different.

  21. Please get rid of Ambar. As soon as I see her on one of the shows I immediately tune out!

  22. Is it normal for amari cooper calling out linehan for his bad playcalling against the eagles!! He called him out publicly after the game about the bad play calls dez bryant called them out to cmon

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