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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

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Welcome to Coral, our new commenting platform.

Hello, all. Andrew Losowsky here again with some good news.

Today, we’ve launched our new commenting platform, Coral, on this site. You can try it out below, or on any article here.

As we said Friday, we now have features that have been on our wish lists for years. And it works great on phones. Coral is being used by more than 150 sites around the world, and this version contains dozens of features and customizations that the team has created especially for SB Nation fan communities.

Same rules apply as before: Be respectful, don’t be a jerk, and help us out by reporting problems — but it’s a different kind of experience. We’ve written an FAQ to cover most of the common questions about how the system works, and we know you’ll let us know below what you think.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding more features and improvements, as well as migrating over your old comments. As we do, we’ll be watching and listening to your feedback (and sometimes, responding to it). This site is great because you are.

Thank you for being here. Come fan with us.

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