1. I'm disappointed in you law. You said this year the gloves were coming off this year when it came to dak this year. I'm still waiting on you to be objective but you just like most the other guys on YouTube.

  2. I've been a Cowboys fan for longer than most of the people on this channel have been alive. At the risk of seeming fatalistic, this team…THIS TEAM…is going nowhere.

    I watched the game with a guy who did some scouting for the Dolphins for a few years. He doesn't pay much attention to pro football anymore because he has had it with the of the emasculation of the game. He's watched Prescott this season and said: "He's had, what, 38 games as a starter now? He looks like a guy fighting for a roster spot in the third-preason game of his rookie year. He plays street ball. He doesn't have the mechanics of starting quarterback in the NFL. He doesn't even see open receivers because he locks on to his first receiver. The biggest problems, however, are the G.M. and the head coach. When I saw Dallas punt it away in overtime with fourth and one or fourth and two, I saw all I need to know. The Cowboys' head coach–or their O.C. doesn't understand risk. Houston had already wracked up more than 400 yards of offense and the guys calling the shots thought they had a better chance of getting a three-and-out than making a fourth and two?

    As to fans bitching about it, why not? I flew F-16's in the USAF and if we had a guy who had lost the edge he was phased out. He might have been the badass of the squadron a year ago or two year ago but if he lost it, he was gone.

    We didn't bitch about it, it was the next man up–even if that guy didn't have his skill or experience.

    With 11 games left Dallas MAY have to go 7-4 just to have a shot at the postseason. And if you're not going to play in January, you might as well go 4-12.

    It's about time to call it like it is: this team is on the verge of being a trainwreck.

  3. Why do people even talk about this anymore

  4. I still think bringing Dez back would help draw double coverage and open up lanes for Beasley. We got rid of so many key players in the offseason we kind of limited our play options even further than they were.

  5. 🏈🏈🏈💯👀🐣🐣 we just need to play ball period!!🏈💯👀🐣

  6. Bringing Dez back won't really do much if the QB is still Dak Prescott he just doesn't have the Accuracy to be A NFL QB They better put Mike White in or Cooper Rush before the season is lost

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