1. Damnnnn why is James harden so mad thou?

  2. What are these guys talking about..if u bench him later, if it looks like they're done. You can't go back. Why would u go back? Lol he's done. U draft a QB

  3. Yo law you rite on the money wit this 1 facts you talking. And i know its too late now and hes a good player and i like the kid but we should of drafted calvin ridley instead of that leighton kid we drafted

  4. Times up it’s time for the future franchise QB

  5. Sooner or later the excuses for Prescott are going to have to cease. I don't think he has thrown more than 3 or 4 balls outside 15 yards this season…and he continues to add to his collection of less than 200yd passing games. We were told that the new Dak friendly receivers couldn't wait to break out and show the league their strut…but it has been anything but. The Cowboys have a 2nd and 3rd quarter scoring problem…and what looks like a 4th quarter garbage time scoring propensity (once the opposing defense starts milking the clock). The Cowboys defense "looks" improved but I'm highly reticent to give them anything until a REAL offense comes to town. The putative Hot Boyz simply disappeared in Seattle…almost AWOL along with an offense that didn't cross midfield but once in the entire first half…behind a quarterback who had just 40 to 50yds passing by intermission. This shit ain't gonna work going forward…to use some pejorative vernacular. Either Prescott is going to stop seeing ghosts, stop running into sacks, start putting the ball beyond 15 yards, and start seeing the field better (with more accuracy) or this team is going to sink…full stop. The biggest reason why Zeke only got 16 carries was because the offense simply could not sustain drives…largely on Prescott's pedestrian 4.94 yd/att in the passing game. Ain't gonna cut it…full stop. Finally…how do you give this kid 130 million next year if this season ends up like last one…or heaven forbid…worse? Detroit is coming to town off beating the brakes off NE. Stafford now has a running game and I'm pretty sure he ain't coming to Arlington to lay down and end up an almost season-ending 1-3.

  6. Can we talk about how Tyron Smith was just lost against Frank Clark, he looked like a damn rookie playing his first game. Just terrible and disgusting watching these guys out there.

  7. Do a all 22 breakdown, I wanna see dak's vision and where the recv are

  8. We had ample opportunity to score..no discipline, no enthusiasm, energy.they were just there..every QB is rushed and has no clean pocket they can get the ball out..and u didn't even try and run like did last year

  9. Salute Law and Salute to the Cowboys nation. Here we go let's get to it. Commitment and Trust. The foundation for any relationship. If you don't have it then whatever relationship you are trying to build will fall apart.

    We have to fix the QB Dakota Prescott even if this cost us some games. Do Dakota trust his receivers. U tell me when he throws to Gallup early in the game for a first down and the ball is knocked away and Earl the deodorant picks the ball off. Dakota becomes hesitant even trying to be safer than usual which cause inaccurate throws it all ties in. Dakota is a good to great potential wise QB. Very smart accurate with the ball, but gets rattled in the pocket loses poise and don't trust his receivers to make plays for him. Trust is big here.

    Commitment I know a lot of Cowboys nation will roll their eyes, but the truth is the truth. Its time to make Rico the main target in this offense. When Dakota got into trouble in 2016 and 2017 guess who settled our young QB down J. Written. If you look at those 4 to 5 yards he used to throw to Witten especially early guess what we 2nd and 5 or 4. U stay ahead of the chains. Commit!!!! This TE committee business is not working. Jarwin has been giving a chance. Dakota gave him an opportunity to make a play on the ball and he got it batted in the air and Earl got the goods it is what it is. We have seen Rico take balls from opponents str8 up. None of the TEs we currently have had made a play remotely close to what Rico does naturally. Commit and feature him to help the QB get in rhythm early and then loosen up the box and let Zeke punish Bamas in the 2nd quarters.

    Finally let Dakota have one of these 300 yds games with like 3 ints 2Tds so we can get him past this safe throwing business. Open up the offense and let the future decide for itself no handicap is needed its time. Its not to late Cowboy Nation we have our Franchise QB in my opinion but not playing to his strengths and it all begins with Trust and Commitment. Salute

  10. Law nation the linebacker broke on that pass that’s why it was pop up in the air

  11. i knew shit was gonna get real once i saw the henny bottle LMAOOOOO

  12. Im so pissed. Im lost for words. Watxhing Skip Bayless trying to excuse the Cowboys for that horrendis game.

  13. Law is it a matter of Dak not having his feet set when he is nervous in the pocket with his body position?  He is way off at times. Hell hes missing Elliott in the flat?

  14. We ain't beating the Lions this week. They struggle this week,  I want  the team to get blown out. Only wayyyyyyy WE GET GARRETT OUT OF HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY WAY!!! SCREW THE 8-8, 9-7  bullshit!!!!

  15. Where is the focus on this team!!!? Either way you look at it, you gotta come to play. Garrett is a high school coach. You saw the Gregory personal foul and you saw Garretts reaction to it? Nothing!!!! Garrett will NOT  call out a player……. NEVER. Not even Elliott is focused and that's coaching.

  16. "Make sure when you run your route that you are three yards short of the first down !" says our moron offensive coordinator.

  17. Dak Prescott is the problem…The QBs job is to make the players around him better…Our WRs are fine…Dak is hot garbage…They're plays to be made Prescott can't make them because he is limited…

  18. you know whats crazy to me law? the Cleveland Browns are a better team then us. in every aspect. ooooffff

  19. its not any one thing. its everything. this team smells like hott trash. lets start looking at college QBs and WRS sit zeke rest of the season play for 1st pickin draft

  20. Final 11 games of 2015: (Weeden/Cassel/Moore) 2,262 yards, 11 TDs and 18 INTs. Passer Rating of 68.4

    Last 11 games of Dak Prescott: 2,004 yards, 8 TDs and 11 INTs. Passer Rating of 74.2.

  21. Zeke had a bad game. That's true. But let's not neglect the fact we have no QB, for 11 weeks now.

  22. No you do not give up draft capital to get Earl, you're gonna need it to draft a QB. Yeah, we could use him, he's better than woods. But no. E.T. isn't a QB. Which is what were gonna need.

  23. Dak sucks. Time to face reality.

  24. Can you please do an all 22 film breakdown of every time Dak holds the ball takes a sack or has time and checks it down…I need to see what he is seeing, if he's missing open guys down the field ect. please all 3 games. from what i have heard he just won't pull the trigger even when an alert is put in the call to go downfield…

  25. Thanks for uploading! You have the best post game videos.

  26. Feed Zeke! How the hell does the team we are competing against execute a better run plan than we did? WTF

  27. Law looking big mad

  28. You trying tell Zek how to play that's a joke can somebody get open and block on line u tube boys are great lol there's no change until January go back on line with Voch so he can teach u until u watch the tape just talkin like a tuber bring on Voch

  29. Dez sitting back laughing

  30. You are seeing Dak for what he is now! You are and always have in denial! He is an below average quarterbsck that allowed Dez Bryant to be the scapegoat! The Dallas Cowboys are getting just what they deserve for how they ende d the careers of Romo and Dez period!

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