Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions | Live Reaction , Play-by-Play and More ?

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  1. The Dallas Cowboys VS Detroit Lions 2018 ᴴᴰ
    Full Game | http://www.patreon.com/posts/21761276

  2. I saw sounds from the game a few seconds ago…I really really like what I'm seeing out of Chris Richard …he's speaking on accountability constantly ..we have to hang on to this man for the future of the defense.

  3. Good shit Law! Like ice cube said, "today was a good day!"

  4. They won't touch Byron man! Not a single pass his way. That one wasn't on him, that was Anthony Brown man

  5. As I've always said Go Down the Fu

  6. Where the dak haters at? He could Have had over 300 yards if receivers hadn't of dropped some. 255 yards 2 tds

  7. what a relief to finally see some TE play!!! now if Dak can connect with Rico and quit overthrowing him

  8. Give Zeke the ball every game. Give it to your best playmaker Stop getting cute inside the goalline linehan. Throwing it too much.

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