Is David Irving Worth It??? || Dallas Cowboys Film Discussion W/ Law Nation

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  1. So do you put values, morals, standards on the side walk for ignorance… Set standards higher like new england & pittsburgh. Pittsburgh and NE… Hv cut big name players for bd… See santonio holmes… Big goofy that shoot hisself and a few more. Set a STANDARD!!

  2. I say give Irving one last chance, just because when he's on the field he's disruptive, if he screws up again then we move on.

  3. If Irving produces this year..then Yes he's worth it

  4. Irving is a freak athlete and productive player but, if you want to win in the nfl, you might wanna ask yourself "wwbd?" What would Bellichick do? You know Bellichick would drop this guy like a bag of rocks. 8 sacks can be replaced, letting your team know that this crap won't fly is more important.

  5. Voch what up g do the Seahawks line!

  6. David is new age Leon lett


  8. Voch Lombardi. Thank you for being the calm voice of common sense in the midst of all the hysteria.

  9. Is Davante Adams a Top 10 WR in the NFL?

  10. Love it! More D line Film!

  11. I say make a 10-12 game contract for him every year. lol

  12. Yeah lets cut our second best pass rusher & if he played, a full season who knows.

    Worst case scenario he comes back & performs average which for him is 6-8 sacks. We let him walk & maybe get a comp pick.

    Best case he comes back & lights it up getting 10-12 sacks, batting balls down, & getting FF. We can then let him walk get a comp or resign him to a fair incentive laden deal.
    It's literally a no lose situation while cutting him is a lose lose situation.

  13. You can't just start setting examples with Irving when you've given Gregory every chance under the sun.
    I also laugh at fans who say cut Gregory & then turn around & say they can't wait to see Gregory. lol

  14. Nice video "knowledge." ?

  15. Could you maybe do an in depth look at the Jets O-Line coming into the season? I really don't know what to make of the group and you're like the only YouTuber whose line analysis I really trust (lot of bullshitters out there…) Peace and love from a German Jets fan, long time watcher and loving patron ✌???

  16. Good stuff Voch, I remember that Tampa Bay game, its was a Sunday or Monday night game, he had 3 sacks in that game….I don’t want him cut, you have to look at the big picture….I’m lookin at the silver lining, like ya said he will be fresh, but next year, we may be able to keep him cheap…..he remind me of Leon Lett…who was the biggest knucklehead but he could ball. You make a film on Adonis Alexander, from V-Tech, someone we may want to grab in the supplemental draft. Hope ya make a film. ????✌️

  17. cutting Irving doesn't make no damn sense. he's less than 3 mil against the cap and he still produces…now if the Cowboys wanna make an example well then I guess, but he gives us more than he costs

  18. I would love to see you do a film session on Mike Daniels as a packers fan thata be amazing!

  19. Thanks for the vid Voch, and for showing what Irving brings to the table. Yea his antics can get annoying but this guy is raw power. ?

  20. Irvin gotta go fam dont forget hankins is still out there

  21. Aight ima need y’all to do more vids together, plain n simple

  22. I'm from Dallas these 2 n**** are delusional the cowboys have not won a Super Bowl and 25 years and they're talking about hold on to guys and been suspended several seasons in a row and that's just the stuff we know about only God knows what they're doing behind seen let these guys go. Why should the cowboys hold on to players that don't care about the team By getting suspended year after year.

  23. The NFC South is the SEC of the NFL bro. NFC East is like the ACC or Big Ten cuz you have a really great team, a really good team, and two eh teams.

  24. Good show Fam.. It’s an honor to be on your platform… Also, I want everybody to know I’m more disappointed than upset in David Irving. I see a guy with a lot of talent, just hate for it to go to waste…I speak my mind on players and try to give you all my thoughts… Keep in mind I have Zero impact on any staff decisions or choices of who will play or who will get cut etc…Salute

  25. Donovan Smith is our LT…

  26. He was facing Gosder Cherilus, Demar Dotson was hurt that game. Buccaneers backup at the time. Dotson is coming back healthy for the Bucs.

  27. I think this is a blessing in disguise, he showed up to camp overweight and got personal stuff going on off the field. Let ol boy get back in shape, avoid injury,and get his head straight and come back week 5 hungry

  28. Good video Voch and Law. Can we get a similar one for Martavius Bryant?

  29. Natural Freak Athlete? ????????????

  30. Voch…I want Irving cut immediately…but my hunch is that the Cowboys will hold onto his unreliable butt.

  31. LOL I like Voch??. He's funny to me. Law, we are gonna fight! ? You called Angela Sanchez crazy, but David Irving is just as nutszo! We're talking about a 6ft 7 man roaming around the streets of Deep Ellum high on shrooms, hanging out at Trees with skateboarders dressed like a gigantic pink bunny rabbit!!! ???? Here in Dallas a lot of the WAGS get caught up in the Dallas scene and she wasn't fitting in (I'll leave that there) That is more of the reason she wasn't granted custody IMO.

    Also to correct a formation Voch mentioned in the GB game it's called Decon. You have three down rushers, three LBS, and five DBS. I like this package except the Cowboys show it to early which killed them in the 2016 playoffs.

    As it relates to David Irving, I KNEW this was coming. I mentioned this months ago on My Cowboys Family live stream. This was based on a tip from someone in his camp. I personally do not think Irving remains on the team. Stephen Jones made it clear by only giving a second round tender. Then the fact NOBODY bit should let you know. Cowboys fans are caught up in the basics of football. They see 7 sacks in 8 games.

    The ball clubs have eyes watching key players. Sports agents and publicists talk. Info gets back to the club. It's more than stats and occasional production against mediocre talent. The club has to trust you. David has proven VERY quickly he can't be trusted. Time to move on.

  32. Once Irving's suspension comes to a close….Irving's new position will be as a bench player.

    Hey David…..there IS football without David Irving after all.

  33. Well worth it!!! We're gonna get 2 "prove it" years for cheap. By the time he's in his prime and finally has his head on straight, we can lock him in long term on a good financially sound contract for both him and the team.

  34. Thank you for getting uncle Lawnoff the edge! Lol, and tell Jerry to talk to Trump and if he can the NFL to legalize weed for the players for medical purposes, hell all the players will stand for the anthem, protest who????????

  35. It's time move on voch it's not fair too the other guys that put in the work and his gone for 4 games any other coach would've sit a example with him a long time ago.

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