1. So got to talk about this defense

  2. Yeeeaaaa kinfolk we heard ALLAT

  3. Dak gone next year . Jerry doesnt want his avg ability as a franchise qb

  4. First play- dude you thought was Luke was Luke. Olawale blocked Luke. #55 is playing Mike.

  5. Vosh Lombardi..
    Thank you for this film break down.. After watching this, I feel so much better and more confident in the Cowboys and Dak…
    I started to listen to the critics.. a little too much for my taste… I don't usually pander to them… but I was too angry over the loss..

    I will be making a video on this film break down and will be encouraging others to come to your channel to watch this film… Thanks to you and Law Nation…

  6. This was fun man, I'd watch every week. Gives the right perspective. Also, if you continue on, bring Holmes on and ask him after if its still coaching? Peace from S.E.Texas.

  7. Interesting short film breakdown by Brett Kollman on dak and linehan. He does film study from all teams and he's not a panther or cowboy fan so it's a bit different perspective. https://youtu.be/apWHESnRdtI

  8. I think you skipped a drive someone in the 2nd quarter. Big drive to miss because it was a 3-and-out with some lackluster playcalling (jet sweep didn't fool anyone and the 3rd down play was a timing comeback route that Dak and these receivers suck at) and it had one of the sacks Connor got beat on. I think the sack coincided with Dak missing an open Beasley on a shallow out, so the narrative can go either way. I think you also somehow missed the play where Dak threw it at the feet of a wide open Jarwin. Not sure how you missed that because that was on a different drive I'm pretty sure.

    Loved the video and agree with your assessment for the most part, just giving an FYI.

  9. 1st play-Tyron Smith is pulling to lead and cut Luke off but that DT gave him a punch slowed him down and then i guess he just thought he would get in the mess and started blocking his other offensive linemen's back. If Tyron gets in the hole and cuts off Kuechley then Zeke goes the distance. Collins could double to the LB but it doesnt look designed that way so hes not looking for the LB coming across.

    3rd play-If Tyron gets Luke then Zeke is gone again.

    Tyron was rusty from not playing. This film shows rust mostly but the straight missed opportunities not taken by Dak is going to kill them if he doesnt get it cleaned up.

  10. 1:43:50 "The minute we do something different let me know." Ok well we went into a no huddle non hurry up offense. You can see the D scrambling around trying to get things set, while Dak reads things and makes adjustments.

  11. tyron just went for a jog…. zeke must have said a racist comment or something, because that line ain't looking out for him.

  12. Cowboys trash , simple .

  13. I use to fault the coaches because sitting on your couch watching the game, u can't see a lot of mistakes from players. Thanks to all that break down film, I stopped blaming coaches. Player Execution!!! Salute to all that break down film💪💯

  14. A lotta homerism in this "breakdown"…y'all keep saying various Cowboys are rusty as if the other team has been playing full games all summer…

  15. Voce' in Law wat the hell we going to wit r predictable play call-in.. Defense ball in. it's like we playing checker's they r playing chess..

  16. Only when yo momma buy you new shoes! Lol

  17. Dez ready to play apologizes is needed live then both need to get back to work!

  18. Giants going to use the same thing Carolina used to stop Cowboys! They said they need to stop Zeke after that no one else is important! Bring Dez back and that stretch the field! Open holes etc…. DEZ IS NEEDED NOW! RICO RED ZONE

  19. This video has taught me that Voch has a lot of children that play for the Cowboys.

  20. I don't understand how these guys are showing us what happend and there is people still disputing it lol… i guess showing and proving doesn't matter anymore

  21. Great Film session guys, keep up the good work, Salute

  22. Maybe we need a coach that can get his players to execute? I mean he's been here a long time with no success so somethings got to give Voch.

  23. That 4th and 10 throw by Dak to Thompson was TRASH and y’all blamed everyone else 😂😂😂

    Thompson was wide open and Dak waited for him to turn around before he threw it, the ball shouldve been in the air already when he turned around.

    QB is trash get him outta here

  24. If you do some videos on defensive players for us, maybe include LVE there. He didn't have that many snaps, but still 3 tackles in traffic and all. Since you were very critical of him in your draft analysis, it would be interesting, if you see something different in his first real pro game. (Same goes for Law, who was ragging on him even after this game haha)

  25. Fun talking to ya voch even us kids can spreed the wisdom 🤜🏻💪🏻

  26. Tight ends need to do a better job of feeling the coverage!!!

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