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  1. Dak trashcott is still trash…

  2. Very good review of the game! I didn't realize so many recievers were open. He will get better. He was rusty from no preseason.

  3. Anyone defending Dak go look at his yards per attempt per game since last year. He is not getting any better, he is statistically getting worse. It's actually quite alarming that he refuses to push the ball down field. The numbers don't lie. No excuses for him.

  4. Dak's 1st season had Romo in his ear telling him what to look for and how to react. Kellen Moore is a poor replacement for that kind of coaching.

  5. If dak has repeat poor performance and goes 0-5 let’s say and can’t find any rhyme would you guys think we could see a any type of quarterback change this year ??? Let me know ….

  6. We need to be running Zeke, like a lot. Run Dak too because he's good at that. Making him do stuff he isn't good at is stupid. We need new coaches. (this can't be said enough)

  7. Most of this is on the coaching, if they see this they should be telling and coaching dak and telling him to chance these chances but they aren't changing anything which is bad coaching

  8. If you truly look at dak he doesn't read thru this progressions, he looks at one WR the whole time and does look off WR or trust his throws, it's been like this ever since he took over the QB spot he was the safe short throws, he won't take chances and throw a deep ball, or look off and throw to another WR, if you would watch film last year on dez Bryant, he would be open but dak would never throw the ball down the field

  9. The worthless coach and quarterback both need to be fired.

  10. Send Dak to Brady/Bellicheck camp.. The Boyz will get a SB

  11. He’s qb coach is kellen more, enough said, he didn’t have a chance. I like dak but I think he will do better on a team with real coaches and not puppets.

  12. Great film real talk they should bring romo in and tutor him doing film session

  13. At 255 mark dak runs for 1st down when he has a easy td smh. Gonna be a long year

  14. One thing i know for sure is that the coaching staff wont make any adjustments…

  15. I just think dak Prescott was rushed out there didnt have time to learn under romo..i just think some of the fans and the organization just wanted to get rid of romo..and now realizing that is 4 round pick for a reason..he is a work progress..but dak will do better week 2

  16. Nice review bro, as a Cowboys fan I can say you nailed it.

  17. I'd say if dak plays like this in the Giants game he will be benched at halftime and either Cooper rush or Mike white plays the second half.

  18. Before the game started I told my father and friend that we can go 4-0 if 2 things happen: If Dak improved his throwing ability & reads and if they run Zeke more than they pass. Guess what 2 things didnt happen

  19. Law, man. I hope they look at the same thing's you're looking at and more because damn.. Everything about Dak last Sunday was horrible. I can honestly say that our receiving corp was not at fault for this game at all, it was the o-line, and Dak. Dak has to get more experience with his receiving core in-game reps, not on no baseball field, and he needs to work on his mechanics. In interviews before the season he says everything about him improved, his mechanics, throwing technique, reading defenses, and Sunday none of that showed. & personally for me I'm scared that a rookie Dak Prescott might be the best Dak we're ever going to see.

  20. from this film you can see that for the most part theres is some separation by the receivers, dak just doesnt seem to ever trust himself enough to throw the ball for more than 3-7 yards. i dont get how there hasnt been improvement since last year when these guys literally spends days watching film.

  21. He's sooo trash right now.. Smdh

  22. Dak Prescott is a game manager he has no business in the NFL. This is a team of flower children blooming idiots. Until Jerry Jones relinquish ownership of this team they will be garbage.

  23. Dak does not have the natural quarterbacking ability Romo had. Doesn't have the vision or that natural feeling for finding open receivers. Plus Dak is throwing to JAGs. Need to feed Zeke a lot more.

  24. Got to say, made respect for the huge increase in the production brother! Keep rocking and growing!

  25. Very poor coaching and that's all there is to it.

  26. Yes Law your boy had an alarming video of Dak not hitting a wide open Jarwin a couple times and other misses sunday.

  27. Where is Eli Manning putting his foot on Dak's boot and smashing it into the dirt before the game like the gone bad general Van Clleef did to Eastwood in that 70s spaghetti western.

  28. Good Video Law!!! We have had this debate last year.. I love Dak and he got heart… But his reads are all over the place. I know it aint easy but man… He needs for focus on being consistent… He will probably play good the next few weeks… Second, he needs to work on accuracy, which leads me in to his foot work and pocket present. I think u might of mention this during the video, but any bit of pressure he gets, he goes into flight mode instead of sliding up in the pocket then getting his feet set. If he does that 2 or 3 times against the Panthers, he most likely when the game.

  29. Nate Newton has said over and over that the Atlanta game last year ruined Chaz Green, I contend it also damaged Dak's confidence. He hesitates 3.5 seconds per pass? That cannot continue.

  30. Please don't do this again. I didn't think Prescott could get any uglier than you go and slow-motion and pause the video so it just burns into the brain.

  31. The Good : He can win with an ok coach .

    The bad: bad :Jason Garret

  32. Law that's what I'm saying. I luv the way u and AKOYE breaks down film because it changed the way I saw the game I dont know if u saw AKOYE film break down on Dak but his was good as well but here I am thinking that the receivers wasn't getting open and even though the OL wasn't all that great we still should of won this game I had NOOOOO idea Dak missed soooooo many opportunities and come to find out our receives was open Dak just didn't make the plays had Dak make half the throws u and AKOYE showed us we would of won that damn game so now to me Kellen Moore is in question would u agree?

  33. i love dak but yooo he gotta be better at anticipating throws smh…WR were open he just missed …1 good series TBH

  34. I like Dak but as a wide receiver I would imagine by the time they get deep in their route and even mid-range that it becomes useless because Dak isnt going to hit them even if their wide open. Dont get me wrong I've seen him do it but damn Dak trust yourself. It almost looks like he see's these guys then he'll second guess it and take off. I feel bad for the wide receivers for not getting the chances they deserve for getting open. And Connor Williams needs to improve much quicker if he wants to stay on the line with them Pro Bowlers.

  35. One note Law do the count Wrs are breaking at 3 seconds they need to separate faster and we have to move the pocket to create time for space

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