The Dallas Cowboys | My Thoughts On Leighton Vander Esch (LVE)

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  1. Jay ajayi, Boise state, super bowl winner ?

  2. LVE is a reach! Good second round and maybe a trade down for more picks should’ve been better accepted with the pick! I would’ve picked a Alabama ILB! Mahalo 808-Yong (808 is area code Hawaii) Yong is my first name and a lifetime fan of the Cowboys of Roger Dodger, Tony TD Dorset, Ed Too Tall, Everson Walls, and I even was proud of our Cowboys in the 1-15 season! Mahalo 808-Yong

  3. Brother, this guy is a very smart player, not physical, Urlacher was purely physic was a phenom, LVE is a talent i think of him as a bigger Sean Lee, for the BEAST we have Jailon smith this trio is going to be AWESOME i can't wait.

  4. Urlacher was the 9th pick….

  5. That Tampa Bay D that blew out the Raiders in SB is Marinelli's claim to fame. He didnt put it together but he coordinated it. The game may have passes him up tho.

  6. People that dont understand what the Cowboys are attempting to do will not like this pick. They're trying to become better on defense to keep scoring down. They want to limit the QB's exposure. Law probably wanted a WR with 19th pick. His lack of understanding of what they're doing is obvious. WR would have been a waisted pick. A sure bust with Dak at QB. It would have taken 3 yrs for a WR to develop with Dak as QB and the chances of the pick being a bust are greater than LVE being bust. Law who cares what # the young man puts on. Your commentary is very elementary. You talk alot but you be saying nothing.

  7. When we had Rolando McClain in the game we had a better defense. The problem was McClain was a head-case.

  8. PFF (PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS Rank him second)

  9. He will the next sean lee

  10. I hate to say it bro but the last Boise State player to win the NFL Super Bowl was Jay Ajayi ?

  11. LVE has exceptional short area quickness. You see it on tape and in the short shuttle. I wanted LVE before the draft started. We did a great job.

  12. LVE reads plays VERY quickly. LVE is above average in zone coverage. He follows the QBs eyes and closes the passing window fast. LVE is better than Hutchins at this stage. LVE was 3rd in the nation in tackles. All of this from a guy with 1 year of starting. So, he has a huge upside. Evans seems more like a WLB. Show me film of Evans in the passing game. LVE is instinctive at MLB whereas Jaylon is NOT a MIKE at the NFL level. LVE will be defensive ROY and a pro bowler after Sean Lee is done with him. LVE is an awesome pick at the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION on defense. We got the right guy based on production, instincts and measurables.

  13. Jay ajayi played for bsu and won with the eagles last year

  14. Scotty Morgan it’s not that serious ? a reach is a reach

  15. Look at it like this…Conner Williams had a 1st round grade of around 18 or 19 on him and we got him in the second. So flip flop it in your mind and we are good. Also if he bulks up he gone be a dog!!!

  16. Dude you have no clue LVE is bad ass site back and watch him shut u up it will take to games for all you haters to say ok this guy is for real. He will come out first game and kill it next game he will kill it again and you can take that to the bank

  17. I apologize Law, my previous comment was uncalled for. I appreciate what you do for cowboys nation.

  18. Law you point out something Ive been saying forever: Bryan Broaddus says what people want to hear and reads other peoples scouting reports and repeats them to us, he even at times admits himself how bad he was in the front office and how bad they were when he was there. Why do we still listen to this guy?

  19. Law I love your dedication but please do yourself a favor and learn how to dissect tape. It's obvious to everyone else he's an incredible talent and jumps off the screen. I'm a subscriber and I love your dedication but please take a speech class cuz it's tiring listening to you ramble senselessly

  20. He should coach the front 4 only then

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