1. And J. Gordan, E. Thomas or Michael Jordan is NOT the answer. And certainly not Dez. We have the players on offense and the Defense is playing better than I expected so far. Its TWO coaches, our OC in particular here. Look up his history, stats, percentage. He was always on a losing team, never won until he came here. He is limited in football knowledge, he is no mastermind. But his play calling, which anyone can argue if it works. But his play calling and preparation work for each game SUCKS ! And JJ in his older age and sentimentality is not going to change now or anytime soon unless we have a completely horrible season. Only then would JJ feel pressure and need another scapegoat like he used W. Phillips among others. NO, Phillips was not a great HC. But he could have stayed with us to be our great DC. But JJ needed someone to take the heat. I was a Cowboy before the formation of the NFC BEast and have seen it all. But we are being OUT-coached and knee jerk moves does not help any. Like signing Thomas or Gordan. 2 battles have to be fought in the NFL. The Cap battle and the game

  2. I was all Cowboy before most of you was even born. Majority of the time, people do not understand how defenses and O's are supposed to work or they get to technical and forget the basic foundation. But let me get to the point. I love Dak and as I have said before have supported him from the beginning. I did Romo all the years he was brutally punished by Cowboy fans. But the 1st year Dak had more presence. His vision and awareness was more open and he flowed with the game. Took what it gave and never lost composure. All his mistakes were blamed on his immaturity. I see this now in D Watson. Dak was not quite as mobile or strong, legs or arm but he had the coolness of Eastwood. But I am frustrated now and I do know one thing for sure. Linehan is NO help to him at all. He is having to do it all on his own and he is feeling the weight of the entire ballclub. And in my opinion we have the #1 stud Rb in the NFL and he wants the rock repeatedly. Use him relentlessly and don't let up. But not the same plays with the same timing over and over. Last week it was a delay handoff the entire game. When quick handoffs inside or quick pitches outside would have opened things up. Either we do not have the ability to go from one setup to the other on timing. Or Linehan is an idiot. You tell me

  3. We have our own problems..we don't need his baggage..and the notion to think Josh Gordon is suppose to be our savior ?????✌?

  4. We dont need Josh Gordon, might as well have kept Dez at that point

  5. iWana c Dak be Great: Guess wut LAW?! Dak iz a brotha play'n QB wit our favorite team. Mi reGular season predictin'. 12-4 & iAm not a delusional fan eitha. Yo, Boyz all da way Up! iPreciate ya mi brotha from anotha Motha. ✌️

  6. Hey Law Nation, I enjoy your videos. Thank you.??
    I’m gonna guess 20-17 Cowboys
    Season record 10-6
    God be with you.?

  7. I picked the Cowboys to win last week under heavy reservation, but I'm going to pick the Cowboys to win again this week. I know it's portraying unrealistic optimism, but I never trully pick the Cowboys to lose, because that's unecessary negativity in my life, and after all is said and done no harm will come from the feeling. Cowboys 37-13 I also enjoy Garrett and all the assistants as when their time is finished they will have represented the Cowboys with good faith

  8. Giants RB will have more yards and make Zeke look slow! Just watch! No hating just watch??????

  9. If we get Gordon and earl tho

  10. We should go get Josh Gordon

  11. We need to go get Josh Gordon Asap before another team gets him.

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