The Dallas Cowboys Round Table 53 – Man Talk 📝

Watch and Listen to Voch Lombardi, Joe Rod & Law Nation talk about the Dallas Cowboys 53 man Roster and More ((Follow)) ✓ Voch Lombardi …


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  1. Holy shit Law and VOCH brought Joe Hernandez on from Cowboys blog… NICE!!!!

  2. What's Up Law Nation.Sorry Been Out Of Touch.Glad It's Football Time. I Know Cowboys Going To Be Beastmode.Preseason Sucked.Go Cowboys 😎 😘

  3. He said I used to smoke it but not for no million dollars 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I'm scared of the suspension Rico may face

  5. I use to smoke it 😭😭😭😭

  6. I don't care what you say the Quasi GM of the Cowboys will mclay he get that title once Jerry Jones becomes more senile or dies will McClay makes the final decisions on these players Dan Bailey was a liability so they didn't want to go with that this is the new Cowboys taking a page and a blueprint from the Patriots you don't perform See you later as a die-hard Cowboys fan they should have done this 10 years ago I love it

  7. Voch be talking about the players execute, when I see opposing teams offense against our defense they execute what the coaches tell them to do, our players don't execute what Garrett tell thems it's coaching bro you got Butler and Dez calling out the play calling let's see what happens this year if the players can execute the game plan voch be loving Garrett so much I bet he sleep with Garrett

  8. Why is Lance on the practice squad? We already know what he has to offer. Corey Coleman, Braxton Miller, Martavus Bryant, Brett Perriman. We can't use any of these guys??


  10. some of my favorite cowboy bloggers, keep up the good work men.


  12. I'm ready for the season to start. Anxious to see our defense and Zeke

  13. Cowboys are not a run 1st team, they want to be balanced 50% run 50% pass, do y'all even watch the cowboys

  14. LVE will replace Sean Lee when he retires.

  15. Lmfao dude please dak only throwing 18 times a game, y'all have no clue what y'all talking about

  16. Stephen Jones cut throat.

  17. Brice Butler cut in Arizona.

  18. If Scandrick hadn't never ask for a trade he would still be on the team. Chiefs and the Skins cut him…LOL!!!

  19. Yes I have seen Brad kicked a 65 yard field goal. Oh his name is Bret.

  20. Then why did we keep Chaz Green for so long.

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