Cowboys SACKED in Seattle | Recap Show ft. Dallas Prospect, Law Nation, & Big Game

The Dallas Cowboys offense was downright awful in the Cowboys’ 24-13 loss at Seattle. From poor playcalling and bad quarterback play to mental mistakes by …


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  1. I don't know why a quarterback with glaring limitations is so acceptable to so many fans. The way I feel right now, I'm in favor of tanking and then pruning what is looking more and more like a good quarterback class in next year's draft. You don't give this kid big money and then suffer the reduced resources available to maintain the o-line and/or improve the defense. If he can't work with a line not playing at 2016 level then I don't see how he gets this team going anywhere.

    Moreover, all this nonsense about if Zeke hadn't fumbled then they would have won is dubious imo. The Seahawks had a lead large enough to play for time from late in the third quarter until the end. Dallas had VERY few moments where they imposed their will on the Seahawk defense. Point blank? If Dallas was the team everyone believed them to be after the Giants, then they should have taken care of Seattle. Full Stop.

    There are a lot of teams that could claim to be 3-0 if they just had a few mistakes back over the last three games. That's just homerism.

  2. A go-to guy? That's some rank bullshit. The Cowboys brought in FOUR…FOUR guys because the STORY was that Bryant was too prima donna and forcing Prescott to go to him. This was all an orchestrated scapegoating circus/fiasco that no critically-thinking fan of the Cowboys EVER believed was legitimate. Him saying something like that is disturbing. It is bad enough that his more obsequious supporters are bordering on delusional but to hear the quarterback himself say he doesn't have a go-to guy when money and draft picks have gone down to help him spread the ball around is something that makes me wanna send his ass to the bench…permanently.

  3. PRO-Dak man here but……. him checking off on plays that run Zeke straight into the strength of the (strongside) line is STUPID.

  4. Zeke can't get 20-30 carries if we go 3 and out, 3 and out, when he gets 25+ carries it's because we are having those long 10-15 play drives. We haven't had that

  5. DP is playing right into his distractors hands…I was on his bandwagon, defending him and pushing back at all those same people. But after this game, I'm sorry I simply will not defend this kid until he pulls his head out of his ass and starts playing to the position he signed on for… a leader on the field, and can move our O up and down the field. I swear, Dak's ineptitude and confused deer in the head lights look during the game, is bleeding off onto the other players.

  6. Law tbh i would rather have a QB throwing 4 picks a game slinging the ball down the field at this point at least trying. I used to crucify Romo for doing that but good lord Dak isnt even trying.

  7. The Lions are number one in the league right now for passing defense so good luck to Dak this week. He might get lucky to break 100 yards passing this week.

  8. Kellen Moore not helping either. They don't know how to develop players.

  9. Dak has to put his body on the line and run the ball for us to win now

  10. Dak just is not good enough period

  11. Go get the panthers offense cord

  12. Dallas prospect there isn't a coaching staff out there that wouldn't have there work cut out for them with a limited QB that can move the ball down field. There's no way being that limited that he can't even take the defenders out of the box. Yah but look at these plays come on in NY last season! Stop making excuses for play calling. They called plays down field that Dak couldn't even see or couldn't get the ball out on time accurately so he pulls the ball down and runs out of the pocket instead of stepping around defender and trusting block and stepping up in the pocket and hitting down field. You want him to throw down field and they already tried that. We have to go get franchise QB it's not Dak guys! They will be drafting one if they are smart!

  13. Dak is playing scared his holding on the ball way too long and not trusting his receivers to be open he’s just gotta sling that shit!

  14. Get an NFL ready QB that can take the 8 out of the box that the O line can't block. I don't care if it takes you two or three drafts looking for an NFL ready QB just a great prospect. Things would look much better. It's gotta be hard to game plan, play call and excute with a limited QB that is limited and can't move the ball. There isn't any mystery to it we need to go get an NFL ready QB! Forget these narratives he can hit the broad side of a barn. Look at Rico how do you over throw a 6'8 tight end who's open three steps ahead of defender in Giants game that's a TD for any QB come on y'all! No more excuses it doesn't matter what coaching staff you bring in come on! Stop blaming everyone else they are carrying Dak. Defense is gonna have injuries carrying on like this! People blame the defense instead of Dak the O line, the receivers , Zeke is to blame. Come on its Dak guys! I'm not saying Dak's not good, he just isn't a franchise QB! I think he is the best backup in the league! He isn't NFL ready it's ok, it's better before we get locked into a 25-35 million dollar contract right! Also Linehan will be gone but it doesn't matter who you bring in for Dak it's hard to play call for him in the NFL! Come on this offense your talking about from college or rookie year either isn't gonna get us there! These guys aren't at that level that they don't need to be carried by the perfect team! Even the perfect team, look at 2016 playoffs these great QBs will out score him in the playoffs he can't win in a shoot out and he can't play from behind even 2016 Dak isn't good enough there isn't a coaching staff that can make that happen!

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