The Dallas Cowboys | 2018 Training Camp Review ᴴᴰ

This young team is flying under the radar and I love it!!! This channel (((Law Nation))) primarily consists of NFL Film Session + Breakdown and Reviews of …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Gallup beat Patrick Peterson but he didn't get under the ball

  2. even a 5 yard pass to Elliot by noodle arm Dak was late and blocked by the defender hahaha you need a quarterback asap Jerry, did you hold on the Romos number hahahaha

  3. Rashard SUCKS thats why hes no longer in Seattle lol good luck though hahaha

  4. I can’t stand Anthony brown he’s was getting cooked bas last year

  5. 1:29 is that a 88 jersey cowboys player? Or what

  6. If dak ever got hurt I wouldn’t be worried since we got cooper as backup

  7. Tore his name up but big beast

  8. Mekhale McCay 19 Cincy Bearcats

  9. Hey man I've been watching your videos for a few months now … Im a Huge fan… Love your view on the Cowboys… I'm a die hard fan… Win or lose I'll rock my blue… rep the star and remain true…
    Always got plenty of love for my brothers out here doing something productive… I need to be right out there with you lol… But God bless you and may you continue to be great at what you do man…

  10. Whoa, B Price got bitch slapped…in every sense of the word.

  11. That's why we can't have short corners lol Ab doesn't have the size or length. Byron chido and jourdan who is short but he's and exception. We need to start drafting taller guys in our secondary.

  12. No one loves the cowboys like me!!!!! And here's proof.
    Growing up in Redskin country I got alot of crap from safe now since I moved to Florida.
    Back in the day I went to many games at rfk stadium… very dangerous..I feared for my life..we all know how passionate and crazy Redskin fans be are.
    A friend knocked on my door one sat. Morning and asked me if I wanted to go to a game…..we were on plane 2 hrs later headed to Dallas..and it was only a preseason game!!!!!
    I'm a dedicated fan!!!!

  13. How is Dak doing? The team revolves around him and I would enjoy watching his improvement.

  14. Man if you get your ass thrown on the grown like that and dont feel disrespected you need to be fired .. thats a damn shame man.. threw his ass .. damn man.. Fold them clothes lmfao

  15. Jaylon Smith and Michael Gallup going to show out can't wait till the season starts!!! Represent the Star!!!

  16. Tyron Smith with legs. I like it!

  17. We need to jump up in the TEAM PASSING GAME evidence of consistent on target persision passing downfield the 5 yard stuff is a waste of video we need to a good amount of NFL quarterback quality PASSING TREE hitting on target not same level of last 2 years VISIABLE UPGRADE the Dallas Cowboys passing game ranked 26th, 23rd & 27th last 3 seasons NOT GOOD ENOUGH AT ALL FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF RUN

  18. As a eagles fan Byron jones should be a safety

  19. Hopefully #31's time at safety made him a hungry CB and that Richard's coaching will elevate his game.

  20. What I like about Gallup's route vs AB was that if they wanted to go up top MG had him beat, but the fact that he was ahead of AB, then quick stopped him and exploded inside so seamlessly was sweet. AB got a taste of what Alabama D got when they met MD.

  21. This O-line is going to be Nasty. Seeing a different attitude this camp.

  22. Price won't spin his back to #72 every again. At least Taco got up and went back at Collins, Price just walked back to his side.

  23. #32 Donovan Olumba, DB. Broaddus gave him a shout out. Has the size and length new secondary coach seem to like.

  24. Law nation this vid got me hyped man! Let's go Boys!

  25. Hate to say it, but AB looking like his days are numbered wearing the Star

  26. Nice, Looking good DB's and Wr's go Cowboy's!!

  27. Just practice dude nothing exciting here.
    Preseason then talk okay

  28. great vid, and thx for posting! GO COWBOYS! love these young dudes

  29. Dak threw a pick in practice?!?!? Oh God he's gonna lose his job! He doesn't have what it takes!

    Lol take it easy people every qb throws picks in practice sometimes. That's WHY you practice. So that it doesn't happen in games!

  30. The wr McKale McKay is listed at 6'6".

  31. I like how he said we rarely see a #32 make a play on this team😂

  32. Rico will do just fine with the Cowboys. Good stuff in your video….good job Law. But Dak at 5:26 under threw that INT that Jones made. Jones was beat if the ball was thrown correctly even the help over the top was not in position. Watch the footage again. Daks pass should have been 8 yards deeper and higher.

  33. #13 is our rookie Michael Gallup

  34. Im sure that was rush throwing the ball not dak lol

  35. Thanks for the VIDEO so I can see for myself!!!! People on there page doing all talking but not showing VIDEO! Thanks Again

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