1. Jason Garrett doesn’t win now?! This is our new HC… Jason should be looking over his shoulder! This is what happens when you get the players and don’t produce a better product. This man is speaking truth and looking forward is so refreshing rather than the way it was! DBs we had couldn’t play press due to lack of control by coaches! Last year we would play 6-8 yds off of a WR of course they will take the 5yds than RAC! I feel that with Richard we will close that gap and use our young age to battle! This will help our DL and LBs !! I feel the same way about this guy! Mahalo 808

  2. Jerry Jones, thank you. Now, keep your mouth shut and let the man coach.

  3. Will dallas allow him to run his full defensive scheme though.

  4. He’s bout business. I can hear it in his voice .

  5. Veteran players see greatness and a threat to their dominance? Who can forget Chanselor trying to intimidate Elliott in the 16 preseason game and Sherman also there in Elliott's face after Elliott stood up to his safety showing his prowess.? Richard sees a defense on the brink. Could it just be "attitude" thats missing in Dallas? …. This guy is gonna bring it. We will see that same quality from our 7th round pick Bo Scarbrough who brings that personality coming from a big time program. Bo runs hard and thats gonna roll right down to Elliott and Smith. I am very excited about 18 !!!!

  6. Looking forward to playing the cowboys twice the champs are here #flyeaglesfly

  7. Why so many haters???? 14 dummies

  8. You think kris wants earl Thomas really bad? “Each 1 teach 1”

  9. YES, Chris Richard is the next Cowboys HC

  10. Dallas Cowboys will be the leaders in cap under salary in the NFL

  11. The Cowboys will have over $80 million in cap space next year and counting

  12. Law Nation haven’t heard this Jimmy Johnson! Relate to players, clapping hands can’t translate message! Earl Thomas retired from Seattle, Richard going hire Earl Thomas coaching staff! Keep that mindset on Defense

  13. Just hearing kris Richard talk get me ready and pumped up

  14. When we had Romo, Witten, and Dez, we didn't bother to get us a good coaching staff but now we decide to do it smh. Whatevs #dc4l and ring #6 here we come

  15. HEAD COACH. Got my vote.

  16. Typical for the Cowboys this time of year.Sell sell sell!

  17. Bottom line, last 8 seasons under the clapper, what myself and I am sure most DC4L fans could see what was missing/lacking with this team….HEART and ATTITUDE!. I honestly believe kris will bring those things to our D.

  18. Good point, I don't care much for stat's either…very deceiving!!!

  19. It just happens a lot of the corners Dallas has are bigger guys. Jordan Lewis is the only one alittle smaller. However he is the perfect size to be the slot corner.

  20. I take exception to Law suggesting that stats don’t matter. Stats tell a story. Stats provide measurables and that’s important. To Law’s point, however, the bottom line results are what truly matters in the end. That said, defensive rankings are about yards allowed. Being top ten is a good thing. However, the Cowboys were near the bottom of the league in takeaways (a stat line, by the way) and THAT is the problem. Takeaways change games. They give the offense extra possessions and short fields. That’s how the Packers, Rams, and Eagles beat the Cowboys last season. They won the turnover battle. So, stats do matter. They matter a lot.

  21. I just hope he's not selling wolf tickets…. like…say a Mike Singletary when he was a HC… tlks real passionate but no results…Coach Richards has a strong tlk game!

  22. 1 min intro. Get to the damn video

  23. Exactly Law… two games we should've won last year Rams & Packers

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