Quick Dallas Cowboys Update

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Bruh you must be James Harden doppelganger.

  2. Fuck the Dallas Coonboys!!!!

  3. What did you think about Trey Williams he looked good out there?

  4. Prescott can go deep, i been arguing this on facebook quite a bit

  5. 2018 Dallas Cowboys: The Real Deal.

  6. 5years strong. Congrats bro

  7. Horrible play calling like usual, nothing to lose and they run the ball play after play. They could of won the game, but they called shit plays and didn't let the qb try to win with his arm in a game that doesn't matter. I was able to call the plays before they happened sf 3rd string ate the cowboys alive

  8. Use the name LawNationRealTime

  9. Congratulations on 5 years @Law Nation, my wife and I just celebrated 25 years together 21 years married.

  10. Happy anniversary to you and your wife. Go Cowboys

  11. Excited for this season. Happy Anniversary Bro

  12. happy anniversary law. Salute

  13. Salute Law!! Happy Anniversary to you and yours!!

  14. Happy Anniversary Law!!!

  15. Happy Big 5th Anniversary…ENJOY!!

  16. Congrats on you and your wife’s anniversary. You all got over that 5-year hitch, so go ahead and roll strong into the 7th and beyond. Big Ups Law.

  17. Enjoy you guy's Anniversary

  18. Congrats idc if its Law Nation 5.0 we’ll all be watching

  19. Hey that’s the Gaylord Texans in Dallas that’s where we stay when we go to the Cowboys game. The players use to stay there before their games. I once saw Lucky Whitehead there when we stayed.

  20. Isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against u shall prosper. Keep pushing

  21. Billy D Harden, congrats on your 5 year anniversary. I have my 15th coming up next Saturday.. # Sorry the YouTube task force hemmed up your livestream hussle.

  22. First of all happy anniversary brother… I appreciated all the detail your on point, I've been showing my co-worker's at work…

  23. Heyy thats the Gaylord Texan right.

  24. "and remember you are listening to nothing but the best! Salute" haha, love it. Happy 5th!

    Also, glad you liked the Law Nation Live idea…

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