The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on MICHAEL GALLUP 4k ᴴᴰ

The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on MICHAEL GALLUP Prospect Info HEIGHT 6′ 1″ WEIGHT 205 lbs 40 Yard Dash 4.51 3 Cone Drill 6.95 20 Yd …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Look law,? I’m gonna pray that God be with the cowboys I love them so much! I’ve doubt it the cowboys even thought they didn’t do good I still LOVE them ?? these are my sons OK!!!?????????


  3. YES! I’m mad as hell at people talking about the cowboys I want the cowboys to stomp the panthers ??????

  4. I love the Gallup pick.I really love his run after the catch ability.

  5. His game is EXTREMELY similar 2 Dez, but he runs way better routes, & has a better FB IQ

  6. From a die hard cowboys fan thank you for your videos just subscribed you almost sound like Barry white with your voice lol

  7. I'm with you. I saw Stephon Diggs when I watched Gallups tape. I believe Diggs was a 3rd rounder also and look how he's developed in that system.? We have that type wr in Gallup.

  8. I see Reggie Wayne

  9. Gallup had 4 receptions for 70 yards vs the Boy Boy of the Ncaa….. Bama.

  10. I am looking for 6-700 yards this year. I think Hurns and the others fill in for Bryant's yards. I think theres alot more contrbution from the te position then people think. They lost experience at te. but gained speed and more plays utilizing that as it wasn't there with 82.

  11. So he’s kind of like Doug Baldwin

  12. Really like how you put time into your videos. Love anybody who is a cowboys fan. Glad you actually research what you put in your videos.

  13. Don't forget about that sleeper wr cedrick wilson

  14. This kid and Tavon and cole. Dak has speed all over that field..

  15. hell if he plays like dez or antonio. we gotta stud 4 real

  16. i think our lineup should be WR 1 Hurns,, 2 Williams,3 Gallup.

  17. Great video breakdown

  18. This dude played at CSU due to bad grades so had to transfer from JC. Had he played in a Air Raid offense like Washington at Okst…he would've put up like 15TDs and 2000 yds. CSU QB was trash…. Excellent pick!!

  19. Hey awesome channel ☺ Keep it up!

  20. if gallup plays ? his rookie season watch out

  21. Our new #13, I hope he has better luck than Lucky had

  22. Let's not anoint him just yet ~ Tuna
    Let's see what he does during game action. As always Law, Your vids are stellar. Much respect to you.

  23. your listen to nothing but the best ! lol love it man !!

  24. Good coverage on this kid Law.. you covered him better than those dbs..

  25. Our offense in 2018 is going to be electric and Gallup should be a big part of that! I hope all the Cowboys stay healthy and take us to the playoffs again! Thanks fo the video Law! Salute!

  26. If I were these young dudes, I'd keep Irvin and Rice on speed dial. Run those mountains that Jerry ran.

  27. I don’t fuck wit a lot of videos but this one gets a thanks make more mani like it

  28. Salute…great insight LN

  29. My number 2 pet cat wr in this draft behind DJ Moore. Surprised he was still there even at the top of the third round, much less at 81. Cowboys stole players at #50 and #81…

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