Where Are The Dallas Cowboys? | NFL Power Rankings: 32 Surprise Players To Watch This Preseason❗

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Washington picking up the CB from Virginia Tech in the supplemental draft, catches my attention. If he plays, I'd be interested in what he's doing by week 9.

  2. I dont think it's about Beasley. They are just trying to get some bodies in there.

  3. Yeah I agree NFC South is a better fit for Dallas due to location. But I do love my Eagles, Giants, and Redskins rivalry.

  4. Yeah Cohen is a good player. Hes basically what Dallas wanted Dunbar to be. Loved Cohen.

  5. I’m glad I’m the ONLY cowboys fan who’s not sold but still has hope because it’s like ALL fans have us on a high horse like we’re world beaters.

  6. Until they get rid of the redheaded dog dick coach. There never going to win again.

  7. Let em sleep…i love it

  8. Music get me pumped up every time lol ayyee

  9. Cowboys Lucky Number: 13

  10. The ranking is not far from mine. I have our boys @ 12 and New England as #1. Unfortunately the sheagles I have them #2.

  11. I don't get the draft for our Cowboys, we take LVE who sucks vs the run and has no bend and the top LB's are off the board. While DJ Moore the top WR in the draft who I identified a month before the draft and we pass on him. What ever happened to taking the best player in the 1st round?? Who in the hell would list Ridley above Moore who is much younger and has move moves than a cat??

  12. Power rankings this early is so stupid. They don’t know what we got and teams that were hot last year might be garbage…lookin at you Philly

  13. We should've been at least 8 or 9.

  14. Louisville ky fan since the 70's

  15. law I been a loyal one to you out here in michoacan Mexico, give me a shout out for primo

  16. Out here in Miami 30 Years Dc4L

  17. In panama city beach fl

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