The Dallas Cowboys | Jaylon Smith Next LEVEL!!!!

The Dallas Cowboys | Jaylon Smith Next LEVEL!!!! Film Breakdown of Jaylon Smith Before his Injury | …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. You’re great at what you do
    Keep up the good work LAW
    The sound is good

  2. my goodness….that beat bruh!!!!

  3. Str8 ??? ? Smith is a monster!!! ?

  4. Let's go J.Smith bring the D back to big D ? #CowboyNation

  5. Let's go J.Smith bring the D back to big D ? #CowboyNation

  6. Law Nation awesome you're recording in 4K! Keep it up

  7. Law nation' your show' great points' keep in eye on' DQ.osborne frm.Okl- St. he's a beast in the middle..

  8. Dude your voice is epic! Love it

  9. the beats you be playin slap ?

  10. LVE, and Smith better learn to take on blocks. Cole "killer beez" Beasley… Dont quit your day job homie??????

  11. that dip look like DeMarcus Ware

  12. People forget Jaylon was ranked as the number 1 overall player on that draft before injury.

    In front of guys like ramsey, bosa, zeke, etc.. so the sky is the limit. If he can stay healthy he will be a SUPERSTAR in Dallas.

  13. Law Salute bro. We have to get Jaylon on the field at MLB. I am interested to see how he does now that his health is on the mend. We need the explosive plays.

  14. dont sleep on DEqinton high motor and if can get the pro game could be good.

  15. Ken Norton Jr started the swipe

  16. That beat was nice wasn't it Law? I seen

  17. Law you said 'pretty much' like 2 dozen times. Clean that up.

    This defense will play base more than 25% of the time with Jaylon – LVE – LEE with Jourdan Lewis taking over in the Nickel for Jaylon.
    My Base Front Four Depth Chart:
    Ash, Ward, Jones, Ealy 2 of 4 must go with our probably only carrying 10 –linemen.

    Nickel 4
    D-Law – Armstrong
    Irving – Ealy
    Jones – Crawford
    Gregory – Tapper

    Awuzie – Lewis – Jones a very strong nickel corner package backed up by Brown and Duke Thomas.

    Frazier / Quiero – are a soild strong safety duo for my tastes. Frazier is solid, and Quiero at +6'2 218 is Barry Church with better coverage skills
    Wood / Heath – Woods was my guy for a 3rd or 4th round pick. Let him grow and save the $10M on Earl Thomas. I don't agree with you. This kid is ready. Your view on vets does not translate via data to one position in your attempt to sell Earl. Sure it would be good to have such a vet, but not at the expense of a future pick, the comp pick we'd lose, and 10 Million when I feel athletically Woods is coperable and such a move would stunt his growth. The free safety position with Woods does not stop this team from having a top 5 Defense, and Woods is no one to pick on.

    Top 5 Defense Law. With 40+ sacks. Bank on it.

  18. Dallas Defense will be the surprise to the NFC East. Jaylon will be a part of that. He is brace-free.

  19. great analysis Law!! I think we will be a top 10 Defense and an unstoppable offense on the ground with a surprising Passing game!! Keep up the great work and your enthusiasm. We are going to kick some butt this year..

  20. C Fleming on the offensive line swing tackle (T Smith backup) role, K Ealy as a beast DE, love the veteran super bowl experience we’ve added… the team is really shaping up. I just hope the receiver group can produce for us

  21. Chris Richards already changed the mindset of this Defense! Period Law Nation JS54& RG94 reinstatement! Get Wentz,Geoff, & Rogers!

  22. The new studio looks fantastic, superb and extraordinaire!

  23. I didn't kno Law was an Alpha Lol

  24. This is the year Smith will show up big. It might be a little hard if he is moved to SLB. Next year LVE will play big.

  25. Whitesboro Texas in tha house MFers!!! Woop!

  26. Law I know you don't like numbers and stats but heres an eye opener. At the site you can find play by play for each game. Heres the excitement! Last year in week 15 our defense held the Seahawks to total 136 yards. You say the Hawks offense was struggling at that time? ….. Well the following week Foles & Co. wanted to get their offense in sync for the playoffs and guess what happened in one quarter vs our starters? Try just 44 yards in four posessions and O points? With Dallas starting D vs the opponents starters Dallas gave up only 180 yards total the last five quarters of 2017? …… Did the D finally have the light come on!!!? With Richard coming on ? Will the D step up and carry the offense for a change til the rookies get around? …………… We'll see !!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wow you think that Smith can be very good? I think he can be a lunch pail Hitchins type player with the injury. Hes gotta attack the line and get tackles for loss. I an so hoeful because hes such a class act young man! Lets hope he overcomes that serious injury. I have my fingers crossed.

  28. Like the new look Law Nation. This will be the year that our opposing NFL teams will fear Jaylon Smith. You can take that to the bank!

  29. if LVE can play the middle then having Jaylon at the Sam LB spot with his pass rush ability could be a very good thing

  30. It is all about Speed including LVE who is also very fast, you can bet there will be plenty of Blitz Packages this season. No more letting the Offense dictate the game the Legion of DOOM is in Big D !!

  31. Matter of fact that whole 2016 draft we be under the microscope this year frfr

  32. He better take a step up bcuz this is a make or break year for him…..LV is coming to play

  33. i like sean at will ,jaylon at mike and lve at sam.lve has size ,speed to cover TEs

  34. Even at full form, his best position is SAM.

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