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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Lol getting into zodiac signs… lol it's all good, but man I'm ready for football to come back. #capricorn. #RulerOfThePeople #KelvinMiltonWack

  2. Question 4 y'all. If E.T comes 2 the Cowboys will they say our defense is better kus of him?I know it will but the defense gona be great especially the CB too but I feel like they gona lose credibility kus of E.T I want him with us but… y'all let me know kus that's bugging me.

  3. 16-0 then 0-1 in playoffs! Lol

  4. Unbelievable my
    Paisan Law, hittin 28K…..the Brotha has no ceiling. I. Am so happy for my Brotha….. I was checking the show on the ricochet and I saw the 28K…?????✌️??????

  5. Show me some love law wasup

  6. Mark it down, 11-5 this year

  7. Who you got as the starting secondary

  8. Law I’m worried about the D-Line and t-will holding back talent

  9. I miss the live but whoever in the chat said they want Dak to blow out his knee, I would love to whip this dude ass. How about the person who made this comment blow out his knee. Fuck this dude. Kelvin Milton. Hmmmm. What a bitch!

  10. I believe in 2020 our defence will be known as the [Dooms Day Legion] or [Legion of DOOM] what name u like law.

  11. I love the idea of rico but I dnt think rico is ever going to be our guy. He s not a so called garret guy. From what Iv heard he isn't a student of the game and if he truly wanted to be the best he would be first one in and last one out and just eating and sleeping football but he s just trying to put his name out there for his rap career that's what I believe. What u think law


  13. Law ' they juss hatin' cuz they no Dak gonna be a Super-star. how can u say he's garbage' when he already prove he can ball..wat did Brady do in his Rookie year..nothin..ha ha ..

  14. Keep up the good work law

  15. Quagmire is the Goat ??

  16. What’s good law salute

  17. Wassup' Law nation' luv da show' every sleepin on tavon austin- think he gonna ball out..wat u- think..

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