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  1. Please address the Rico gathers situation. If we fail to play him we will be filled with regret. He will crush the league somewhere. Why not in Dallas.

  2. We are going to have a great year!!! Stay healthy and we will go all the way!!! Cowboys aka America's Team ?

  3. we need better coachs in all the spots

  4. Ive about had it with Garrett and Lenahan. way too predictable and poor clock management. I can't believe we didn't feed Zeke against Seattle when it was 1st and goal. They had to get cute and and pass the ball. Zeke's first game back after his suspension and we don't use on 1st and goal.. SMH!!

  5. Do you think 83 is getting cutt?

  6. law thx for posting this podcast ????

  7. Putting other people's life at risk driving under the influence is unacceptable if the league suspends him then he loses guaranteed money

  8. Cut his azz. We free up a roster spot for a player that can produce for the team which this guy can't. He is more of a hindrance then anything else. We need more players and this guy is taking up a roster spot…With a suspension this would mean the hit would be less then 2 million Well worth it not to see this guy anymore…

  9. I still ride and die I bleed Cowboy colors. T will come on man ?

  10. T. Will was never going to be a number 1 WR.

  11. You said " let it go dawg" I couldn't stop fucking laughing….. omg…. t.o. is a cry baby hahahahahahah??????????????????????????????????

  12. Coaching sucks,, yes yes yes,, Jason sucks … the jet sweep action open up tjat naked bootleg… use the play.. just don't be predictable when

  13. Bad comparison with Tony Dungy and (never won anything Garrett)

  14. KD Cannon should be the number 1 receiver

  15. Man is like this the Cowboys news that they needed receivers and they did not need dress deal they just deal with it has been so this is what we get nothing

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