1. Setting the bar for 8 sacks tbh

  2. Get Rogers 1st, Geoff 2nd, Eagles QB3rd, Eli the flopping 4th! The one matters the Super Bowl Brady, Big Ben& Carr The Quest for 6th

  3. law did you use the camera or the toaster to video this? cmon bro cant see anything LOL

  4. Who’d he beat on that Left side ? Lol I know that wasn’t Ty Smith

  5. Are you watching Irving??

  6. I didn't think you could hit the QB in practice?

  7. Take me back when almost 90% of the Fan base said to cut him,and now they praise him ??, wassup now Bandwagons?

  8. Yeah, really easy to see the strip sack in 144p… NICE!

  9. That's the Randy Gregory I know! ?✊?

  10. No pocket awareness always gets the ball slapped out? Dak sucks

  11. That DAMN BEND!!!! Speed kills and the fact he’s still in good shape after missing almost two years speaks volume on how hungry he is

  12. Bad for Dak….but excellent for Gregory. I hope we get into the playoffs and face Aaron Rogers. I feel like Sheriff Brody from Jaws 2 with the huge cable power line regarding our potentially DEVASTATING defense.

  13. Jaylon Smith and Randy Gregory might be a very formidable duo in 18 if recent videos are any indication? Add them with Lawrence and a new very disruptive dt the offenses might be in the "Woods" on how to block em.

  14. He's a diamond in the rough

  15. Can't even tell what team is playing.

  16. Hope he proves everyone wrong. Good job Gregory welcome back!

  17. really hoping this kid figures it out. i know what hes going through, but america loves an underdog!

  18. Recorded this with a Nokia from 2001

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