1. The Cowboys offered a 2nd round pick for a guy who will be a free agent next year. That offer was too high when you consider players like Sean Lee and Randy Gregory were 2nd round picks. Where would our Defense have been the last 10-years with out Sean Lee? The Cowboy's should've signed a top free agent Safety to a 1-year deal and waited for Thomas to be free. That would've also put the pressure on Seattle to make a deal rather that to play games….

  2. Again SALUTE

    ET3 returning to play just cost Seattle their trade value leverage on ET

    Now, unless another team trades for him Seattle will lose a 2nd rd pick NOW for a compensary pick later of a 4th maybe 3rd rd

    Dallas needs to get another safety (Eric Reed)
    Show Seattle how baseball is really played
    They will then cave before the Oct trade deadline

    I don't know if ET calculated this move but it can now only help us by giving Dallas the leverage for trading power
    As far as Reed be g too sensitive for JJ
    NIKE just snubbed the NFL. President Trump
    Many are following suit
    In fact many other suitors were courting Kaep which forced NIKE to get behind him before they did

    The Anthem protest which was made such by the political media has then a new turn & JJ can ride the wave as the coaching heads Maverick he is, or get out the way of progress progress
    Signing Reed now will assure JJ wasn't part of any collusion &signal to the NFL & Trump that his money making franchise including the first onboard Casino Deal Team is in it to

    win Win WIN no matter what
    As you say Law
    "One way or the other "

  3. THIS secondary as of today is one of weakest in league,injury's have taken their toll .ithink weese in truble

  4. Nobody's talking about Eric Reid or Vaccaro at Safety?? We can't get Earl…

  5. Winning should come 1st. Sign Reid.

  6. Earl Thomas just reported to Seahawks camp so it would seem as though we'll have to wait to see him with a star on his helmet. If he truely loves the Cowboys like the player who chased J Geezy into the locker room then he'll have to sign with us later on. I believe it was smart of Jerry and Steven to wait on Et3 and not give up better picks. Take for instance our 2nd round pick this year Connor Williams. These picks are very valuable to the future of this team. If we could have gotten Et3 for a 3rd okay yea but Im glad they held their ground. Good video Law Keep it up.

  7. Why do you use 2 channels law

  8. 1st rd draft pick is not worth it

  9. Its probably just a pipe dream, but an Eric Reid and Earl Thomas safety combo would be the best Cowboys safety combo since Darren Woodson and Roy Williams. I was hoping they would sign FS, Tre Boston who only got a 1 year deal worth $1.5M with $1.5M in incentives from the Cardinals.

  10. Law Nation talking about Galloway, Mark Holmes & myself trade robbery is. Seattle Trade No.1 overall Cowboys gave 3 players for Tony Dorsett ! How history it’s repeated it’s self

  11. Well, Earl Thomas is reporting to Seattle Seahawks so HE WON'T GET FINED PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!

  12. Enough is enough with earl Thomas it didnt happen its not going to happen

  13. If we want him then go get him. Whatever the cost

  14. I have been talking about Eric Reid for months

  15. I knew he was NEVER coming; I’m glad too. Eric Reid would of been the best move.

  16. The front office tried that is all I asked my cowboys to do they gave the Seahawks a fair offer Seattle is crazy they think they going to get a number one for almost a 30 year old safety in you're freaking dreams I don't care if he's all pro future hall-of-famer don't care he's not worth number 1 go Cowboys

  17. We traded 2 first round picks for Joey Galloway to Seattle back in the day and he was a bust. That's why Jerry is scared to pull trigger for a first rounder.

  18. I knew we was not going to get him I knew it

  19. I can see Seattle being petty and franchising him next year and trading him to anyone but the Cowboys.

  20. I been telling everyone .hes not coming..

  21. Earl said he s reporting for week one. There gonna trade him right before the trade deadline. Or they will franchise tag him then trade him

  22. Earl The Pearl, too bad we couldn't crack that Oyster

  23. Murphy Law Cut my video off short.. LOL…

  24. From VA… My belief is .. Seattle is rebuilding. If Dallas should give a first round for Thomas , at last resort… Then in that trade get a 2nd and 4th round pick. More than likely seattle will be picking early so it would be like Dallas traded out of the first round to the beginning of the second… With everything as it sits right now , Dallas could get Thomas.. Luck out and seattle picks between 4 – 8 and Dallss has a very high 2nd and 4th round pick to go with thier own.

  25. We need to get him

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