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  1. Right we need d law and Irving on the ends

  2. Can we get film on Chris Covington this guy his great size an nice skill set

  3. i remember a female in church service yelled out that you cannot love people on their way to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    is jesus trying to say that christians are showing love, prayers and niceness to non christians or enemies as futile?!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peace and Blessings Law Nation & AKOYE Media Great video and keep them coming the collaboration was on point you Guys are the Real Deal the break down of our players was awesome I hope to see all of you Heavy Hitters link up with(AKOYE Media)Mark & Cowboy Jobu,Voch Lambardi,Shango,Joe,Foots this would be a Nice collaboration!!??"How About Them Cowboys"?? ??""DC4LIFE""??

  5. The game you talking bout is NFL 2K it was on Dreamcast……Also there use to be a game called "Gameday" on Playstation but Madden bought the rights like you said

  6. Solid job fellas. Thanks for the time you take. Got some questions for ya'll soon… sleep is needed atm

  7. I want to see you guys on the cowboys network.. Create one, if there isnt one.. This is what's missing on the NFL network

  8. Cheer's and Thanks for all the effort you both put into your channels for our benefit . I like that i learn something when i listen. You both have great sounding voices as well.

  9. AKOYE & LAW – NOTHING BUT THE BEST. Great job gentlemen!

  10. Respect Law for sharing your platform…salute 2 both of you guys

  11. I still think we can use another corner Brown the verdict still out on him. And the other young corners had injuries problem with hamstrings last year too i would like for one of you guys to check out the kid Isaiah Oliver out of Colorado he's a Kris Rashard type of player i think big long and plays great in press covers he is a sleeper you can never have enough corners and this is a make-or-break year for Byron Jones not saying he's not going to do well but it's something to think about

  12. Yeah Scott Case played with Dion in Atlanta before Dallas. We usually played him in the nickel LB spot.

  13. Tecmo Bowl all day real shit! what thay know about it

  14. That is one bad ass acronym “akoye” deep stuff, I like that, good job.?

  15. Oh yeah, Scott Case lowered the boom for the Cowboys at safety in the 95 super bowl championship season! Reminded me of the great #43 Cliff (Captain Crash) Harris!

  16. With the hiring of Kris Richard I'm expecting Jeff Heath to play at a pro bowl level this season in only his 2nd year as a starter! I'm hoping Frazier is also a starter helping to create Cowboys version of Legion of Doom(s) Day!

  17. Hey law thank you for bringing akoye to the firm, it's all DC Nation, if one shine you all glow& TOGETHER we are the SUN!!!

  18. Two of my favorite Cowboys you tubers! Akoye and Law film breakdow 2nd to none! Gregory would be huge plus for our defense. DC4LIFE!

  19. Loving the content from Cowboys nation on YouTube. SALUTE.

  20. Great video guys! Y'all covered alot overall! So curious where they are gonna go with our team before we head into the draft. Less than a month

  21. Thx guys for breaking down the film and schooling us there arent many Cowboys analysts that do what you guys are doing ??

  22. Finally these two are together been rocking with law for a minute now just recently started to see akoye film knowledge is on point… keep up the good work ….

  23. This was EXCELLENT guys! MORE DEFINITELY!!!
    Consider talking about what affect if any the rules in favor of the offense will have on the game & especially the intimidators you guys were talking about please! VEA all day this year!! DISRUPTER!!!

  24. Bless both of you brothers…well done!

  25. Are the new rules neutralizing the Ray Lewis ENFORCER type of leaders now? Are intimidator types a thing of the past?

  26. Hey guys do u remember the Jimmy Johnson days around here?
    Who is out there that’s draftable, has that intimidation moxy than Vita Vea? I mean ENFORCER type LEADERS!
    That’s what this team needs!
    Ray Lewises anyone?

  27. The cowboys are still paying Romo why cut Dez get nothing back pay him next year anyway

  28. Better than any major media out there. Two of the best.???

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