1. Man, this is the team right here!!!! Keep up the good work fellas. I just wish I would've seen the notification so I could've been there for the live thing. The Nation needs more of this!!!!!!

  2. O akoye don't think we have a passing attack what a shock

  3. OMG voch u blocking folks for comments wow petty

  4. Law, you did a good show!!! Great dude.

  5. Gregory under Marenilli and Richards wings. Prosper young!!

  6. Love the content bro.. I totally gave up on ESPN as my go to for sports news especially on my Cowboys.. Y'all do a great job informative knowledgeable I know there's bias cause we love the cowboys but I trust y'all opinions.. Keep up the good work fellas#Cowboys4Life

  7. One thing I loved was when Lewis said "I'm a receiver but DB's get payed more". I think he will catch the most interceptions on the team this year (bold prediction)

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