1. Again… you are trying to blame him for a COACHING DECISION!!!!!

    I agree about the Center exchange, but that decision for Dak NOT to play is Jason Garrett and I didn't hear you speak his name. You only spoke Dak name about the center exchange.

    So if there IS a miscue on that center exchange you are already SETTING UP TO BLAME DAK because that is ALL THAT YOU MENTION with that. There is where my problem comes in.

    We are going to be without our starting Center and hurt starting PREMIERE RG.
    If the passing game struggles I'm sure Dak will STILL get the blame if he has no time.
    I hope that if the RUNNING game struggles Zeke gets the blame as well. Sounds fair?

    You have to protect Tom Brady as well. So what?
    He lost to the Giants TWICE because of lack of protection. HE would have lost to the Seahawks if NE didn't take out the DT and LB that was in his face the 1st 3 quarters.

    Romo too!
    Isn't that why we upgraded our OL????

    No Dak has NOT been crowned by those who defend him.
    We just want to see him get the SAME fair shake as others. It has been TWO seasons. 13-3, 9-7 minus RB and LT, Sean Lee for a number of games. Don't say it should not matter because when Nelson was gone from GB that was all we heard. When Cobb was hurt that was all we heard. The list goes on and on and on.

    13-3, 9-7 compare that with 2 QBS who went #1 and #2 and lets hear some criticism.
    Could last year have been a one off for them???? Or was last year good because of UPGRADES!!!!!!

    But we knock Dak for the same thing.
    How many times did fans blame Williams for "disappearing" in games. I don't hear that now that Romo is gone.

    Dak is NOT going to be Romo. Two different styles and two different throws.

    But I gave Romo his time despite the criticism because it was never all about him.

    Is that too much to ask for Dak. I hope and pray that is not so. Peace !

  2. Just read where Teddy Bridgewater would be a great pu for Dallas in a trade or release…remember I said this last week on Okoye….probably won't happen but it would be smart…

  3. You say you don’t care how he wins but you still say he’s average at best even though he has one of the best records of all time for a QB in two seasons.

  4. Let me ask, in our roster, even back when Dez was here… have we ever had a burner at WR? A real down field threat for the modern game that can get open? No. So our team is not built for long bombs down the field with consistency. Stretching back, neither Dez, nor Williams, nor Beasley, nor any recent WR has had the burst off the line to go 30-40 yards deep to get open consistently.
    The OC and HC revert to running the ball even when in favorable conditions and this is even stretching back with Romo to his full healthy season. Our offense has been changing… and also last I checked, when we had Super Romo, he was sacked and dropped so hard the more pass attempts he took, even with the 'The best OL in the NFL' (which I disagree with to a large degree). It Correlated to disastrous situations until his back was totally done.
    The more pass attempts also meant more Int's… Romo's last season, showed that trend again, until he was KO'd by The Panthers in an embarrassing blowout game that ended by halftime. In fact Romo's 2014 season, is more an outlier than it is a norm. So I just ask for a bit of analysis into what we are doing and why we are doing it. Dak analytically speaking, is solid. His passes in tight windows… is one of the highest rated in the league. And we just got a solid technical route runner in Gallup. Think we'll be better than some think, as long as there is some progression and some better chemistry. We can be a solid team this year with more options at WR and better rotation into different starting positions.

  5. Finally, someone shares my opinion on D Jax! Let him return kickoffs!!!

  6. Tune into "Every Source 4 Cowboys Nation"…..Broadcast starts at 500 subscribers….Subscribe and hit the notification bell.

  7. Mark holmes channel is gone

  8. I think Jordon Lewis is letting his demotion get to his head and it's affecting his performance.

  9. I'm not worried about Travis's backup….but we still got Chaz Green (THE WEAKEST link) on the roster. We put him next to say a Joe Looney (who I think will go a good job)….and Dak is toast. Screw that….sit Dak

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  11. No Bo! Jackson baby! Bo can go!

  12. We will be the top five defense if we get a couple offensive holding on defense you might be top three

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