The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on KAMERON KELLY “The Hidden Gem” 4k ᴴᴰ

The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on KAMERON KELLY “The Hidden Gem” 4k ᴴᴰ Overview Sources say there are teams out there who are enamored …


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  1. He was projected to be, between a 5th of 6th round pick….according to Broaddus, which you have to take with a grain of salt” no he doesn’t have blazing speed, but neither did Richard Sherman “he was a 5th round pick” but he had the size, length, and long arms.

  2. He will make the team.

    Kris Richard reminds me of my field commander in my time in the Middle East.

    Rest in Peace
    Captain Calvin Weeks

  3. He looking like ???⚡⚡
    We need the speed and strength and we are solid we got this Cowboys forever ????

  4. i hope he makes it he looks dam good

  5. How did he go undrafted??? Smh

  6. I give him 2 yrs before he make an impact for a starting position. If Richard is still here.

  7. He can play safety and cb so if hes a keeper hes versatile. Again he ran a faster time at his proday Law. 4.56

  8. Another video on here said Kelly ran a 4.56 at his proday. Maybe a good player slipped and Dallas caught a huge break.

  9. Hey Law
    I'm not trying to nitpick, because I'm a huge fan of your channel..
    I believe that the coach's name is pronounced Rishard even though it's spelled Richard.

    I just wanted to drop that little nugget from one Cowboys fan to another, and give you a Big Salute for all the hard work you put in on your channel. and when I listen to you, I feel like I am listening to nothing but the best brother.
    Keep up the great work you're doing for Cowboys Nation!

  10. Vander Esch ran a faster 40 time and he's a 6'4" linebacker. Speed isn't everything but he better have excellent technique and physicality to succeed in the NFL.

  11. K.Richard can coach him up but we'll see whats what in training camp.. Talent is there but situational discipline must be executed on a regular basis moving forward.. I like the kid personally..?

  12. This guy plays faster than he looks. He has good instincts too. Knows where to be on the field.

  13. Kelly is catching the ball!!! That's all I need to see. Our DB's dropped to many possible INT's last year.

  14. Mark brought up a good point, our home record sucks at AT&T Stadium. Indoor Stadiums are made for Speed, Dez and Whitten were never fast. Tavon Austin has some wheels to take the top off a defense, this is why I wanted DJ Moore at pick #19. We need to draft in the future TE's and WR's with Speed to match our indoor track !!

  15. Kelly tracks the ball extremely well, as long as he isn't on a Speed WR he should be fine.

  16. Man, I don't know about anyone else but K. Richards fires me up when he speaks. Whatever he's selling I'm buying hook, line and sinker. Let's ball out Cowboys!

  17. I’m excited to see what Richard is going to do with this young secondary. Regardless of the result, 2018 is going to be interesting. Like a chess match with a new master.

  18. Went to high school with big bro true baller he'll make tbe squad

  19. Their three undrafted safeties compiled 23 ints in college.

  20. Thanks for the insight bro. I can't wait for the boys to cop this ring!!

  21. I talk to him personally on twitter good guy great attitude motivated

  22. that kid has nice turn in his hips and smooth backpedal for his size.. i have a feeling a couple of these UDFA might end up making it

  23. Kris Richard (Ri – Shard)

  24. Not a chance in hell he makes it as a corner, maybe eventually a depth safety –IF he has the football IQ. NFL QB's would roast his ass. Most of these corners that come out only look good because they're going against some whack ass QB who can't get the receivers the damn ball. Marquez White shits all over this guy and he's on the PS.

  25. I don't know what to think about anybody because it seems like it doesn't matter who we have they always drop the easy interception regardless

  26. Kris Richard is going to coach him all the right things that he needs to be a pro bowler ???

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