The Dallas Cowboys | Sanjay Lal: On WR Depth; Mission Statement + Mini Camp Talk & Earl Thomas

Mission Statement + Mini Camp Talk & Earl Thomas Let’s Build This Team Right Way!!!! This channel (((Law Nation))) primarily consists of NFL Film Session + …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. My comparison for Michael Gallup is DeAndre Hopkins????????

  2. New blood i feel good about this team as long dak put in work with the wrs and the team stay healthy and the defense play hard stopping opposing teams to at least 14 or less we gonna win

  3. Looks like James harden

  4. Looks like you are drinking the cowboy Kool aid

  5. Who's our starting WR's

  6. He soundassounds like Skip Bayless

  7. Yes, yes, yes, enough mediocre playing on this team. Missing arm tackles got to go.

  8. law man!!!!! keep rocking bru!!!!!

  9. Brown needs to learn how to box out defenders using his size. Hes like a 4.6 guy and hes not quick. I see Wilson and Gallup moving up the depth chart. I don't know,  Beasely averaged 20 yds a game last year? That is god awful. Maybe he can do much better. Hes just too small , not quick enough and he can't do anything down the field. Hell Williams had over 500 yards last year doing much better then Beasely. Gallup and Hurns gotta step up. Broadus loves the Beaser so lets see.

  10. The Steelers backup recently drafted qb was Blake "on the make" Jarwins qb in college.

  11. There have been two division sweeps of the NFC East Division, the 1998 Dallas Cowboys (8–0) and the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles (6–0).

    Most recent NFC East champion(s):Philadelphia Eagles (10 titles)

    Most NFC East titles: Dallas Cowboys (22 titles)

    No. of teams: 4

  12. Sanjay Law leeetttssss goooo! get hype! Btw nice video n break down of coach teaching up our wrs how to beat down the opposition. Love His attention to detail to running crisp routes… this combined with Chris Richards and Marinelli coaching up The D.. recipe foe success.

  13. Altitude ?? How High ?

  14. Sorry I missed it live! Wassup Law! Saw some practice film and they working hard…. drops today but all good better today than in a game. Mahalo 808-Yong

  15. Hey LAAAAW, been missing the the live feeds, but I never miss a show, if I may put my 2 cents in the ET conversation, I’m sure a lot of people know this, but now that the Zach Martin deal is complete, we now have another 3 million in cap space to work with. I just heard it on the “The Break” I say give Seattle a 2nd & call it a day.Talk to ya soon Paisan……my Brotha

  16. Please, please do the Cowboy Nation, yourself and all the real Cowboy fans a service. Do something different, something needed, something important. TAKE A STAND for the Cowboys. WE NEED 2 productive monster DT's and at least 1 DE who can produce, not TCraw. Why is everyone talking about the same BS. ET would kill this franchise for the next 5 years. Zeke would be 5 years older, the OLine too. It would break the bank and we would lose any ground we have gained. AND……. 4 (four) ALL-Pro Secondary players can do nothing unless we get a DEFENSIVE LINE !!!!!!!!!!
    What is wrong with all you people ? F…- Earl Thomas

  17. Don't you think that the Broke STAR should had save some money to invest in the WR positions instead over paying for an overrated OG?

  18. Law or Lawson either way

  19. And im glad you said that about Jeff Heath bec he been here for b5 years and couldnt break through the Starting roll with Will Cox and Church he and he have one alright season last year and they think he a best where are they getting this from he is a rotation player not a starter.

  20. Why you burning money hope you dont let Rodger Godell see that or he will put a new Rule in for fines and suspensions since we are Cowboys fans lol.

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