The Dallas Cowboys | Exclusive Behind The Scenes of Kyle Queiro Film Session

The Dallas Cowboys | Exclusive Behind The Scenes of Kyle Queiro Film Session Cowboys Fans & Others Speak Your MIND!!! 1-866-217-1966 Silver&Blue …


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  1. Like waiting for cold molasses to move uphill?

  2. Don't show the cookup present the done fam. But thank you lol

  3. Is that are 5rd Draft pick he was matched up with or one of the younger TE that Stanford had.

  4. Is this video paused? Sure does take long to see a play develop

  5. U were taking forever the first 10 mins to get through that play ? lol

  6. Coming to you soon – Dallas Dynasty Ascension "Resurrection of the Great Wall of Dallas"

  7. Law I appreciate your hard work, been busy myself we're remodeling grandma's house and I'm just kinda settled in I love it keep it up my brother with nothing but the best. Salute!

  8. Stop fucking pauseing it, fucking annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I hope they keep this kid at his natural position at safety. He's a ball hawk and I think he can be something special.

  10. Hybrid LB/S!!! "Rubs hand like Birdman"" Dallas D is changing!!!!

  11. as we all know football intelligence and instincts can trump speed in many instances..some of the greatest players we've ever seen many times aren't the fastest's very rare to get a Deion Sanders or Darrell Green that have it all..anyway I'm surprised this guy wasn't drafted at least in the later rds..we might have something here as a nickel/dime LB who can tackle and also be great in coverage.. I'm pulling for this kid

  12. I like Quiero at LB? He could make the roster

  13. that instrumental is nasty

  14. Law, As always great video and also nice tutorial on Camtasia. I've heard some announcers pronounce his last name as "Ki Ro." Anyway, Who do you see as our top safeties to make the team?

  15. Aye law I really think this guy could be a great player for us. However do you think he will be able to showcase his talent on sundays?

  16. They trying him at Linebacker ??‍♂️

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