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  1. @lawnation We better not slip up on sutton if we really think he is the one! Hes not gonna fall into the 2nd. Filthy will take them at 32 if we don't. Only thing I would suggest is to move back but stay ahead of them, if we decide to go WR. It would be killer if they took him

  2. …….Thomas for a #2 is fine but Seattle doesn't want him in Dallas…… ain't happening. They'll trade him to a loser…………

  3. An courtland sutton ran a 4.54 whoever said tht 4.7 crap is hater fake ass cowboys fan

  4. Earl Thomas is under 30 he’s not old

  5. You have the best beats on the Net. Where do you find them?

  6. God of War! Let's get a God of Defense in this draft. I don't just want a guy. #Derwin

  7. "Smiling like Michael Jackson at a daycare." LOL! True…

  8. Hey Law, check out my little brother from MD.

  9. So yet another dez hate session this getting old Dez is gone let the shit go when ppl are put 8-9 in the box and we can’t move the ball cuz no respects our wr’s let’s see how much u miss dez ain’t no wr in this draft gonna help us now

  10. Law have you seen this kid S Kyzir White from West Va ?

  11. Law nation I agree with you 💯 defense defense defense and defense in this draft!!

  12. Law Nation!! Nothing but the best baby

  13. I agree Law, It all starts in the trenches build from the inside out we need a beast at DT the whole defense benefits from a great DL

  14. Earl Thomas would be like adding Romo to our db's. He would keep everyone lined up in position for the play.

  15. Trade Anthony brown an a third for Thomas

  16. Somehow get ET, Draft either Ridley or Sutton with the 19th overall and with the remainder of the pics go D-Line and O-Line evenly.

  17. For some reason Sutton don't jump out on me on tape like C. Ridley does. Ridley faced some good DB's in the SEC. I'm hoping for " The Ridlder "!!!!


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