1. think about the the dynasty with Jimmy Johnson

  2. I respect Jason Garrett but we need a new coach

  3. I guess I respect to you cuz he looking at numbers I respect that but you need to go in and be proud to be an the Hall of Fame

  4. now with Terrell Owens I am so pissed off with him because he had every opportunity to put all these doubts to rest but he didn't

  5. Dez I love him but he's looking at what he did as a cowboy with the records

  6. Dak Prescott is going to surprise everybody like he said there is no clear-cut number one receiver but everybody is talking about that he's telling about surprise nation the guy he is a winner

  7. Dak Prescott is way more mature than any other of those quarterbacks that you talking about I'd like his composer

  8. Dak Prescott is way more mature then Winston so what is the discussion but I wanted Winston to succeed at would you please let me get the other pair cast of people that you talk into so I can check out there channel

  9. let me know who is the 2 people that was speaking so I can subscribe to there channel no disrespect I'm still your subscriber

  10. After all I have said and you agreed to. Please do a constructive report non-bias and upfront with no holds barred on the TRUTH about the Cowboy DLine and the top teams Dlines that are winning now. You can look at salaries, how the money is spent which shows the priority of how the front office views the Dline and its importance. Then prove by common sense, logic and basic football fundamentals how the Defensive Line is the primer for the Lb's and secondary. It is the foundation and framework for any good defense.
    Have you ever looked at Spotrac.com and all the salaries on every team in the NFL. By position, by pay, by Cap, etc….. It all proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Dline has not been a Cowboy priority for 20 years and has been a priority on each winning team (top 4) every year

  11. Jason Garret looks like a girls field hockey coach

  12. Great facts to all 3 of you guys. Thanks

  13. Nobody needs T.O,he's a cancer to any team

  14. If "Warren Coolidge" (White Shadow TV reference) finishes his suspension….I want his butt placed on the bench with the coaches and veterans whispering how disappointed they are in him and that his Cowboys career is hanging by a thin thread and that he can control his destiny but he has to decide whether the Cowboys can count on him or not. The buck stops here.

  15. I heard about Richard being a hot commodity as a (near) future head coach. Coach Garrett had better take this team to the Super Bowl to justify keeping him. Otherwise….I will promote Richard as our new Head Coach and fire Coach Garrett. In fact I may fire Garrett REGARDLESS.

  16. This connection is as bad as Dak

  17. Is it just my phone or is the video jumping??‍♂️

  18. Why does the video keep skipping around?

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