1. man it's a good show

  2. Big Game James I look at Tavon Austin in a Ty Hill type if we're creative enough

  3. I think we have a future John Randle in the making: DaQuinton Osborne. Future 1-tech!

  4. Have to go with the Conner Williams pick, but the Steal was Mike White. Your right BG Dak better step up or step aside !!

  5. I likes that jersey BG James, I look for the Defense to Step Up this year after a slow start due to injuries. My Dawg X Woods will drop the hammer on these Receivers, had him in my Mock for the Boys last year. I'm giving LVE a B Grade as well.

  6. Matty b – NJ with hella giant and eagle fans all around me lol loving this show though and hope we can make it to the ship this year we have the talent

  7. I would call Crawford into the office and ask him to take a paycut…He's way overpaid for the Production he puts out.

  8. Deonte Thompson is much better then Cedrick Wilson- has 4.37s speed, can run Kick returns and Punts. Cedrick cant do any of those

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