1. Do a film breakdown of Ezekiel Elliot law wassup

  2. Yo to go with the beat @Eagles Cowboys will attend the White House invited after Zeke rides us Cowboys to the Super Bowl Dak D I line we coming mark my words!!! ? Zeke #1 on my list he brings to much to the game and team!!! D Law you said it all 2000 yard rush this year!!! #AustinTexas#Cowboys4Life

  3. It's all about the Dallas Cowboys!!! Texas talkiN

  4. Its on the defense to keep other teams from scoring. That is where our issues were. Our offense usually got things done. This year our defense will be talked about.

  5. Man if you don't take them damn shades off in the house LOL!!!Law you crazy bruh lol.

  6. Tell me what you think of the Zeke video. Love the channel Law!

  7. Law got the Locs on, what you sippin on mayne?? Lmao

  8. Tell em law the hear but they dont LISTEN!!!!!!! DA FREAK IS THE TRUTH and he will be unleashed, the colar is off baby

  9. Law, I agree with you. But I would add. Zeke is the best Rb in the NFL, period. he is a different beast than all the others. The way he carries himself. He knows but more importantly, the opposition knows or learns very quickly, who the dominant Alpha is on the field. He punishes people and if the opposition wants to start being cute. He will single you out and embarrass you. I have been a student of the game for over 50 years and I am seldom wrong. I have been wrong and admit it. But not very often.
    * Side Note- Ezekiel Elliott was the biggest civil rights, US Citizen rights violation I have ever seen in my entire life. Why none of these ACLU or whatever, even the media never jumped on this and assisted I have no idea. Unless they just despised Jerry and stayed away. Fact- The District Attorneys office in the capital of Ohio, Columbus has a Lead Investigator who is female. She investigated Zeke's case from start to finish. Not only was all the accusations before he was an employee. But not one shred of evidence in any way form or fashion was found on him. Every witness and all the witnesses all stated clearly. It was all her, what she said, screamed, did, acted, etc…. The woman accuser had one witness, a close friend. The close friend admitted it was all the accuser's fault and Zeke was innocent. The DA Investigator said, Elliott should press charges. Yet, the 32 Owners voted to suspend Elliott to try to help the leagues image on domestic violence. Suspended 6 games and he still only missed the rushing lead by 340 yards. He lead in yards per game.
    I am a Defensive guy. But the ONLY problem the offense has is the Off Coord. And its too late to do anything about it and JJ would not anyway because the older he gets, the more sentimental and close he gets to certain players and coaches.
    Zeke needs to be fed more in space, on short passing routes, screen passes, etc….

  10. I'll say it again that beat is hard glad u got it in the intro now that should be it with a cool law logo for ur intro

  11. Fly guy, Zeek'll Be straight. I'm worried about the DT position.

  12. All I have is HEFE so SALUD LAW

  13. Maybe they ment that to be the ranking of D-Law?…It doesn't make sense..

  14. How the hell is he ranked that low? Let me get this right, Zeke came into the league and won the rushing title as a rookie. Then the next year, he was only 400 yards from being the leader, following a 6 game suspension, in a year where he averaged 98.3 yrds a game. And he is #54. GET OFF THA GAS. This beast is the best back in the league hands d0wn. Check his PSI…They hate the nation, fellaz..All things against you, shall not prosper..LET GO COWBOYS!!!

  15. Law with the Clarence Carter “I Be Stroking” shades on…

  16. Zeke is the best back in the league, hands down. 2 thousand yards this year, no doubt.

  17. Love the pick of Mr. Bo Scarborough.

  18. I'm in so cal. I'll be at camp for sure. I'll def have some iPhone footage lol

  19. Don't forget about Bo Scarborough. Live the pick!

  20. where can I get the song?


  22. Shoutout from San Antonio Texas spurs & cowboys for life 5 titles each.

  23. Fremont, OH been fun watching Zeke be the best back in the game since he walked into Columbus Ohio and showed the world. Also Rod Smith, another productive buckeye back! O-H!! And go Cowboys!!!!!!!

  24. “TheCallaway TheBestWay”

  25. What's up this is shy from NJ we going all the way this year

  26. Richmond ,Va. checking in #DC4L

  27. Live and direct from the Triple D Dallas tx

  28. Zeke brings that good vibe character on the field he make sure the whole team hyped ready lol but yes off season he needa stay lowkey away from tmz

  29. What is your prediction on D-Law ranking?

  30. Belen New Mexico in the house.

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