1. Brice needs snaps I think he can make a difference

  2. Dak can almost pass for 200 yrds when you have zero pass rush and don't cover Beasley at all. Much better.

  3. Our Oline has to keep this up. Clean pockets to allow Dak to take those big shots.
    Collins had a helluva game. He got called on that block in the back, came back the NEXT play and took someone to IHOP. He was punishing people on Sunday.

  4. With Austin out….I'm rooting hard from Gallup to have his coming out party. He's getting close.

  5. Dak a snake he thanked cliff avril for giving him an "opportunity "

  6. A difference I saw in the Jags game was that there were WAY LESS curl routes compared to other games. Linehan overused curl routes (especially 2017) and were obvious. So easy for the defense to sit on them when they know it's coming

  7. Salute & Blessings Law Nation

    To answer your question
    "Can Dak Prescott continue to push or press the ball downfield? "

    A resounding " YES "

    Dak has begun to expect more from himself
    He'searn to trust his arm & eyes
    He's on course to progress vs regress further
    He's re-won the confidence in his coaches
    (Not that be should have too)

    Dak prescott6has been given more to do with less
    He's definitely making o more room for receivers pointing fingers at him any longer

    Now we will see the caliber of receivers for Dak has no reason to revert back to not putting the balls out there

    He's in perfect position to pressure the Jones's to vet quality receivers by proving bed gettingthe ball out & TI it's destination

    It'll be on our receivers to run the right routes, track & secure the catches

    Dak will AGAIN do just fine as far as his job description goes

    Peace out Law

  8. Number 17 has hands of iron.

  9. Now you are 100% right on this video hats off to you

  10. I hope Hurns can gain a lot of chemistry with dak. I love Hurns and I want him and Gallup to be our top receivers

  11. Had high hopes For Hurns But you can almost see his body language on the field ,as if he doesn’t wanna play here

  12. Scott Linehan's gameplanning and Playcalling for The Jacksonville Jaguars albeit it was at Home has to resume because the more that occurs, the more CONFIDENCE and BOOSTED SELF-ESTEEM Dak has in himself and his receivers vice versa.

  13. I believe you're right law believe that he is developing chemistry with his receivers I also believe by the end of this year we're going to see a very hard to beat Dallas Cowboys team

  14. The biggest thing for Dak is his footwork and stepping into his throws consistently Gallup needs to continue to start he will get better will see what hurns,Thompson and Brice can do this Sunday.

  15. Can Michael Gallup be a LEGITIMATE X (Split End) receiver?

  16. The quarterback coach and head coach or not better then Dak When they played., So how is he going to get better. On till Butler gets back, dak is going to have to pinpoint and throw into tight windows.

  17. Need that Jaylon smith film law👀👀

  18. Law, notice Dak's feet mechanics. Notice the relationship with his lead foot, off shoulder and throwing shoulder at the point of release. Totally in sync. If you can, compare the past few weeks to this game. One of the problems the coaching staff creates is the lack of live preseason game action they give the starters. When you have a QB who admits he need to improve his mechanics, but gets no reps in live action, and has new receivers; he will be hesitant to push the ball down field. Notice how high he was on his passes before this game. There should be some great breakdown nuggets to present.

  19. These receivers are getting opened on a regular basis but the lack of accuracy and being able to see the field from Dak Prescott has really hurt these guys. If Dak can start throwing the ball within the frame of the receivers body and spotting the open receivers these receivers will do much better.

  20. You know what do ? It would change thier scheme for one game,
    Then the next entire game they go back doing the same old plays over and over again, they are not consistent in a play calling,

  21. Law they need to get him going to continue to build his confidence. Gallup is going to need to step up this week to take off the pressure for Beasley.

  22. Utilize him more what do we got to lose this is a top 5 WR prospect from the draft yeah he's a rookie but he's the TRUTH!!!

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