1. Trying to justify daks bad play. Romo was better than dak period, and had better ball placement than dak. Showing all of dez bad plays with Romo proves nothing. Show the 2014 dez highlights with romo.

  2. This video should have been named "The Epitome of Tony Romo" ??? Every pass I saw from Romo was absolutely horrible. ???

  3. lol i think u Nit Picking LAW, im late on this video but Dez Bryant second year he had 928 yards ( could have had 1,000 yard year) but missed the 2nd game of the season against the 49ers (the game jessy holly won it for us in overtime) so who's to say if Dez plays in that 1 game that he doesn't have a 75-100 yard game which would make him a 1000 yard receiver in his 2nd year.. lol so yeah his 2nd year he was much better with Romo than he was with Dak

  4. ? Video Law!!! Great way to break it down fam!!! I wish they would have had another year though the chemistry could have been ???

  5. He just said nobody blames romo romo took all the blame

  6. I feel like this is one of your worse vids you ever did an your points are all over the place.

  7. Dak never gave Dez a 50/50 ball because he was worried about interceptions. Dak threw Dez the ball as the 3rd option. He had two seasons with 800 yards, five to ten good fade balls during the season and he a 1,000 yard receiver. Dez doesnt need to run any more routes cause they can’t even guard the two routes they say he always run back shoulder and slant. Dak Prescott is not a mvp or Super Bowl qb he went fourth round for a reason he didn’t even win a sec title. He just got lucky that romo got hurt and zeke is a monster. His rookie season couldve easily been 7-9 with all those late comeback wins.

  8. Dak misses wide open receivers bro… if it took three years to develop chemistry.. why did they cut dez before year three? Cuz captain dink and dunk cant do it.. dont defend a shitty qb..

  9. Ok cool protect Dak BUT if he can't getting done this year (PLAYOFFS)we coming for you and we DON'T want to hear any excuses. This is supposed to be a DAK friendly offense so well see. Personally I think he's OVER his head and he's to busy trying to be Mr. Cowboy with all his endorsements.. You CAN'T please everyone..

  10. 11:39 Dez often does that move with no one in his face. See WR, you already are waiting to react to the snap so you're half a second late into your route. Throw in this hop step and the QB becomes ready to throw the ball long before you get into it.

  11. For Dez, his route running hasn't improved to give his QBs an easier pass to throw. Take for instance the Go and Fade routes. He doesn't win some the line of scrimmage so he takes off running at the sidelines. Because of this, the QB only has about 3 yards of space to place the ball away from the defender. Unless Dez flat out beats the defender down the field, it takes a perfect throw for him to have a chance.

  12. We're not talking about these plays, of course he gets overthrown balls, from both quarterbacks. He was a great receiver, but in 2016-18 he is falling. He's dropping passes that hit his hands. He's dropping passes that his his chest and helmet. Sorry but Prescott can throw, and he gets the ball to Dez, but Dez just can't catch it. I'm sorry man, you're wrong. Dez is falling, but that's not to say he's not going to go to a team who needs a no2 or 3 receiver, but he's not a no1 anymore

  13. Why are you pointing fingers on another play we know dak has a sub par arm. Who are you kidding

  14. Tony was crucified his whole career

  15. I am convinced people are stupid, or they just watch highlights of players instead of the actual games. And after they watch highlights they make stupid comments.

  16. Dak can't hit anyone down field . That year they didn't have the run game Dak has . You blame Tony all you want , He is not there anymore . We could have won a Superbowl if Romo would have played .

  17. I just want to point out the fact that yes undeniably in this video you do have Tony making these bad throws that’s undeniable it’s right there, but by making this video it’s kind of misleading in the way that Tony had the fourth most accurate arm in the history of the NFL and you can find far more clips of him throwing it perfectly consistently whereas with Dak all of his film looks like this hand-picked video you put together of only the bad stuff of Tony, and some of those highlight videos of Tony you know to go back and watch his film, dak will never in his career make half the passes with his arm the way that Tony did, he just won’t it will never happen maybe he can become a very smart QB and be able to read a defense and make plays that way, but he will never be the passer that Tony Romo was because quite frankly Tony was the fourth graters passer to ever play in the history of the sport and had one of the best arms ever period. of course he going to find bad videos of of him but all of Daks film looks like this, this is only very very small percentage of Tony’s film I hope you get my point.

  18. C'mon man this is bullshit….Romo got destroyed regularly by fans and media in DFW. Especially after that Detroit game where the blew a 27-3 lead

  19. I Follow ur channel. Nice job but i disagree on this one. We can go back and break down film on a whole lot of players on mistakes made during the games. Tony Romo and Dak are two different types of players. Romo a gun slinger Dak is a game manager to me. Romo who took risk slinging the ball down field..yes he threw sum pic's ..but also had u jumping out of your seat on spectacular plays to Dez. I believe the blame is a combination of both Dez ..Dak and the system of play calling. I will never forget the Denver Broncos head coach stated we are an easy scout. WTF. If an head coach stated we are an easy scout we need to change shit up. There plays where Dak over thrown balls and never saw a wide receiver open .. and as we all know there are plays Dez drops the ball and fumbled. I believe it is a combination of both Dak..Dez and the system game planning. Lets just be real about it……i do agree Law Nation Chemistry does take time to develop between QB and receiver….go cowboys!!

  20. Dez was a freak athlete, not a very smart player. Never really studied, never really worked on his craft, never bothered to learn the entire route tree, and did I say not that smart as a player? Yeah, he was fun to watch, but nobody would confuse his intellect with Larry Fitzgerald or Randy Moss or Jerry Rice.

  21. I don’t get how y’all complain about Dak being “young” and Tony having the luxury of learning behind Drew and coaching skills of Bill. Dak could’ve/should’ve had the same thing with Romo. You cry about it takes time to make chemistry yet you give up on one of the best throwers of the football in Cowboys history. He got back problems from running for his life EVERY play. Marc Columbo, Andre, Flo Adams, Leonard Davis, etc got Tony KILLED every play. His best receivers were Patrick Crayton, Terry Glenn, Miles Austin (minus 09) and Sam Hurd. When we had a great defense, our offense was shitty because we surrounded Tony with no playermakers, that’s why we never went deep in the post season. I’m not making excuses but I’m sick of seeing people bash Romo in the comment section. I’m a true Cowboys fan but we can’t win if Dak doesn’t exceed expectations and get confidence with the deep ball. He’s not the future until proven otherwise!

  22. Dak had an 86 rating in a full health no injury season. Tony Romo is a gunslinger that takes chances and his lowest rating is 90. Dak with the number 8 Defense an all pro oline, RB, and a WR. In the last 8 games of the season Dak threw less than 190 yards a game with 6tds and 9ints with a 6 average and a 73 rating. Daks a system safe QB that relies on a great RB. Romo spent seasons with absolutely terrible talent and had 90+ ratings carrying the team. Dak went 9-7 with an all pro oline, great RB, number 8 ranked defense and good WRs and a HOF TE. Dak sucks

  23. Dak Prescott sucks dick

  24. I’ll missed dez was my fav player got to meet him

  25. Everybody Ain't Perfect Cowboys Fucced Up By Letting Dez Go Ion Care Wat Nobody Say Cowboys Outta There

  26. Omg if Dak did what Romo did in that damn lions game man…..I understand why every other team hates our fans sometimes

  27. These people be hatin on Dak, but Romo In year two IF he was able to start would have NEVER played like Dak. Romo had the bench and hella practice to get his arm right. Dak is guilty of not sensing pressure as well as Romo but all that other stuff Romo was making mistakes too. Daks vision and anticipation will Develop and surpass Romos thanks to him actually getting more in game experience

  28. Fucking thannnnnnnnnnkkkk youuuuuu!!!!!

  29. Usually like your videos, but you lost me on this one… do you not remember that Romo had been the most criticized QB in football for years? You did a LOT of reaching with this one, Law…

  30. I agree it take time.more power to all these players out there.that seeking a great play.it is not easy as it look to me.theses are lions tigers and bears out there. oh my!haha

  31. Will Dak become another Kapernick, Wilson, or Cam? Who all have superbowl appearances. These mobile QB's are so good, then become so bad. Hopefully he's on the up and up.

  32. You been lying this entire video. Romo got the blame from every miscues

  33. Weak ass video… Especially the commentary. Do you even know what you're talking about?

  34. This dude needs to stop. How are bad throws by Tony and Dak Dez's fault?

  35. yes, dez was still the boys best and most dynamic wr. stats prove that he still has a better nose for the endzone than irvin did!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    boys are finally learning the patriots way?????????!!!!!!!

    know when it's time to recycle players, draft them up, coach them up, release or trade them, lose them to fa, pile in more compensation picks, draft them up, coach them up – keep the youth movement – stay out of cap hell – recycle, recycle, recycle!!!!!!!!!????

    only resign players conducive to the team philosophy with the least amount of question marks – run the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

    look what the eagles (rpo) did with a similar formula the cowboys used with the run game and quicker passes out of the pocket during the 1st year with 2 rooks – and bradychick threw for 500+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    were boys better off keeping dez, and letting tw, bee, and or witt go??????????????!!!!!!!!!! did the boys try to trade dez for a pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    to dez emotions, not about right or wrong, but was it no longer a good fit????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dez might fit better with the shoot them up nfc south qbs – brees, ryan, cam?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rpo and early spb appearances
    kap + gore = 1 early sb appearance
    russell + lynch = 2 early sb appearance
    cam + stewart = 1 early sb appearance
    wentz + 3rbs = 1 early sb appearance

    dak + eze = ???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The problem I have with Dak is he's not accurate but he doesn't make his reads either when you got rookies like Watson who is making his reads right something to think about??

  37. You sound like a jackass. You can show a cut up of every bad play between 9/88 all you want but Dallas Fans know the truth. The fact that you’re trying to paint the picture that nobody crucified Tony like they do Dak is insane. Tony was the poster boy of being crucified!
    Here’s the simple facts:
    Dez should have progressed more as a route runner than he has
    Dez is still very capable because no elite receiver all of a sudden loses his athleticism at age 26-29
    Dak is not as accurate at this point in his career as Tony was
    Dak might go on to be great but if he repeats the shit from last year. I GUARANTEE we draft a QB in the first 2 rounds next year

    Lastly you sound like a Prescott family member or friend. Or maybe you just wanna be

  38. Romo never got a pass lmao

  39. Biggest TR fan here but this is nothing more than shitty passes and good D….more of a Romo dis video….. produced by a Garret Gal…..

  40. Nothing is ever Dez's fault according to this fanbase. They just look at a few plays and think that's the conclusion instead of looking at the full story. Dez is Teflon when it comes to Cowboys fans.

  41. You're right Deshawn watson too forever to develop chemistry with Dhop and Fuller. You're right Andrew Luck despite his injuries took FOREVER!!! You're right Carson Wentz took Forever to develop with his WRs? Wrong each of those QBs had GREAT fundamentals that help in the development of chemistry! Dak has A lot of work to do and his flaws showed without the Run game this year period! Stares down receivers, inaccurate, doesn't go through his progressions well, tucks and runs too quickly! I am rooting for him I promise, but comparing showing dez/romo lowlights against Revis, Sherman, Peterson, and a fantastic Patriots team that year is laughable bro.

  42. Nobody Crucifying Tony?? ARE you kidding me?!?!?! When was Tony NOT Crucified?! I like a lot of your videos brother, but showing SOME bad plays between them two over an 8 YEAR SPAN does not mean anything to me! haha Dak has a lot more problems than inaccuracies. watch the film brother lol I agree Jason Garrett is a problem. The thing is each play is a new opportunity to make a play or eff up. I know Dez has made mistakes and had his drops but if you dont think Dak aided to the regression of Dez you're delusional man.

  43. I don't think it's going to matter who fills Dez's position if Dak is too scared to throw to them. Dak is certainly not the veteran Romo was, and he still hasn't developed the confidence in himself and his receiving corp. to toss balls out there and not worry about interceptions. It's very clear Romo kept Dak's confidence high the first year, not to mention the #1 offensive line in the NFL and Zeke taking pressure off of him so he had ample time to sit in the pocket and do what he was used to. His second year, most of that was gone so he was facing pressure like Romo did for most of his career.

  44. You shut all that ish down with this one Law Nation…Great video and excellent contrast to the over hyped Dez video made by Akoye..lmao…Proof how selective memory and selective video can make someones image…lmao….Goodbye Romo and Goodbye DEZ

  45. Dude it hasn’t been 2 days and you are already pointing to all bad plays???

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