1. Israel is now the victor and must show some respect and tolerance for citizens other than Jews. This law makes it clear that all are not equal under the law. ISRAEL is losing the PR battle in the eyes of the world. With laws like this you dig the hole deeper. All equal under the law full stop. Anything less is not fair. May God protect ISRAEL.

  2. I am so disappointed with Israel. All citizens of Israel must have a right to self determination. All equal under the law. Jews you have lost the moral high ground. You are a beacon to the rest of the world. You are a miracle of the human spirit. I admire the jews for their sense of justice and humanity. Do not take a backward step with the Nation State Law. The fact that the Druze dislike this law should tell you everything. You must be kind in your victory over the Palestinians. You will not find peace because of the religious Jihad but you will find security because of your military strength. Please make this law more inclusive or less exclusive. All citizens must be equal full stop.

  3. If Jews are in thier homeland….why do they seem so lost!?

  4. How is the world denying Israel's right to exist! !??

  5. I don't know why Israelis are surprised that American Jews are opposed to the new Jewish Nuremberg Laws. We believe in democracy, not religious fascism.

  6. I love Mark Golub. He's such a measured, common sense guy?

  7. Eric is such a fussy bitch. I loathe Leftist Jews! They are always doing everything they can to hurt Israel
    Long live the great state of Israel ???

  8. Jewish "natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination…" includes kindness, compassion, empathy and justice for all minorities etc.

  9. America is not a Democracy it’s a Constitutional Republic

  10. If pleasing American Jews means Israel must go full Socialist then damn pleasing American Jews sorry

  11. Jew that I am, a Jewish State with a Mosque on the Temple Mount in the middle of a Jewish State..HA ..HA….What a JOKE! Talk to me when you get rid of the Mosque, start building a new Temple, then you will be a Jewish State. As of Now , your a joke, Shalom. Arafat's fantasy poisoned the world against Israel, and the only solution is replacing the Mosque with a Temple. You, Israel could have solved the problem in 1948, but no, again in 1967, but no, and now this bull shit law, the way of the coward. Shalom.

  12. Naomi was dead weight on this panel

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