1. I'm also guilty of thinking I know more than the organization & I need to let Steven Jones & company do wat they they get paid to do.. for crying out loud I book D Ware when we drafted him also sometimes you win sometimes it's a lost but let's give our guy's a fighting chance.. kuz dis dude been bringing the fight all camp.. #da nation oak Cliff america

  2. Of ALL of your reviews that I have watched, this is the first review I must disagree with you on. I'm not sure who you were looking at but this guy does not get bullied and does not give much ground (even when doubled) He does need work in our system which includes a good off season and when he does he'll be a BEAST for us. He makes this team easily. He going to be that guy that's gonna keep our LBs free to pursue.

  3. Good analysis, especially about the speed vs strength struggle, but it might be dated now. He did some good stuff on the camp videos.

  4. This guy has been making some noise in training camp. Hopefully we have a gem at the NT.

  5. Man this dude here Antwaun Woods DT making a name for himself at training camp I'm on his train they need to keep this dude!!!

  6. Osborne is out, and in a HURRY! No wonder everyone was shocked. Especially ME. He was my pet cat along with Kelly, and he’s definitely a gem. There’s a solid reason we’ll find out eventually, but RKG has a lot to do with it. And Twan is w/o a doubt that kind of player.
    Folks oughta hear his story about him and his dad in L. A. It’s a great one. This man has truly taken the hard road into pro football and should be admired for his dedication to his pop. It’s something that don’t get talked about enough. But he’s come a long way from USC through Tenn. to get a real shot at playing. Rod M. knows what motivates him, that’s a given. He’ll have to compete with Maleik and Ward, Price and Ash too. But all of em have injuries that could put them out of business in a snap. His goal is to be better than Ash and Price. That’s not a very steep hill for Woods to climb, because they’d like to play Ward and Collins both in a rotation between 3 tech and 1tech and they’d like to keep their workload light too. Ward (shoulder) and Collins (foot)
    I assume Rod and KR signed off on this and know a lot more than anyone else (since nothings being said about it). But with what these guys expect from a player when it comes to attitude, I believe THAT’S the reason, and from what is obvious about Woods is, HE’S the guy they wanted and I couldn’t be happier for him to have a chance to do something BIG in BIG D ! ! !

  7. U hit the nail on the head with your comments on this guy…

  8. I don't see this position being filled this year, but in the 2019 Draft there are a host of quality DT's.

  9. Should of drafted Settle. The kid fell to the late rounds. 1 tech spot is one of the few positions that need to be fixed before training camp. This isnt one of the things that are going to fix themselves

  10. Law Nation gonna be log gam. DLINE, surprise that Crawford not June 1st cut. Tapper ahead of Chitterlings Green being injured ?. Salute

  11. Listen i liked DQs tape too but rod marinelli the d line guru said he had to go so i trust him maybe he didnt show enough effort also dqs tape all most of it is exceptional pass rushing we need a big fat run stopper maybe woods is the answer

  12. this guys some camp scrub who will be gone in a few weeks.

  13. Antwaun Woods is 6'1 (1.85m) and 318 lbs (144 kg) I want My Defensive Lineman to weigh at least 345 lbs.

  14. Woods has to get into the Weight Room and get A more BULK if he wants some ounce of Playing time.

  15. Antwaun Woods has to gain a few more pounds because I BELIEVE he's getting BULLIED at the LOS because his technique, mechanics, and most significantly His Weight are SERIOUS ISSUES.

  16. We Dem Boyz….. To be honest we don't need him

  17. Cutting DQ in favor of signing Woods is Marinelli's decision I assume..? # He obviously sees something I don't..

  18. to begin with , he has to beat some one for a roster spot . he does have some strength cause i saw he bullrush to runstop the runner . maybe his more taking care more of the run . cause every play he stops on point of contact but he checks to much for runs .

  19. Maybe Rod/Richards can bring out the best of him! Keep up the awesome Videos!!!

  20. the problem with dq is we never seen what he can do against NFL players different talent level

  21. I like and I believe in Kris Richard,but I hope he's not monkey wrenching our defense,the moves they're making this off-season got me scratching my head, everybody is saying trust the process,What's the process???,trying their best not to sign or aqiuire a true DT to plug that hole,in order for Kris Richard scheme to work,we need that front 4 to be dominant,to let our ends and backers cause havoc,and now our nickel package has been re-tooled,in which we we're almost a top ten defense last year without Kris Richard,now he will have to top that now that he has our attention,and then I'll trust the "Process",cuz the moves that are being made to Our team is just mind boggling….

  22. This was a Kris Richards pick. Richards looking out for his trojans.

  23. I saw the same amount of speed from DQ and that was on multiple plays. Not just one single play where the guard couldn't reach over. The strength and the "want-to" check boxes were filled in completely with DQ. This guy is not an improvement to me. Only thing I can think is the coaches think "well we know what he can do but this kid is new. Let's go with the devil we know." But yes, then again I'm not a coach.

  24. He will be a day one cut

  25. Show more than one example of something before you said he can't do something, or does something very well..


  27. Think woods will be a solid depth 1T dude, he was playing NT in Tennessee. Hopefully he can excel at the 1T so we'll see. Osborne will probably be signed to the practice squad (i hope)

  28. Fu#%… They shoulda kept dequinton Osborne, big and athletic. I think theyre both 6'1" and 300lb but you can definitely see that dequinton has way more muscle than this guy.

  29. Rod will kick him ass an camp wood will be better rod going to put a stamp on it

  30. Dallas should have never got rid of DQ I actually want to see what he can do

  31. Ty for this recap Law!

  32. We don't need a superstar, just someone that can be coached and produce for the defense. He's got good size and good feet. Go Cowboys

  33. Another random no name player nobody has ever cared about and never will. Stupendous job front office

  34. This will be a two down player … if anything it’s his endurance that’s his biggest problem he’s a load think 1st and 2nd down player nothing more

  35. Just from visual observation he some slaw compared to Osborne.

  36. Coach what's if they wanted to coat and develop d Osborne was the guy woods is trash. I'm sorry osby was more explosive and bigger.looks a lot stronger this guy getting his ass kicked all over the field.this just look like the cowboys do not want to stop the run .they will beat up the lbs all season long that why Sean Lee all beat up by week 10. This is just bad.

  37. I still like Dequinton better but hey I’m not a coach for the cowboys. If this guy is just rotational piece which just about all our line men are then why not keep Dequinton as a rookie let him learn get better and become that true 1 tech that we need

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