1. WTF…. I missed 4 podcasts and you got old…….stay off drugs! Go Cowboys!

  2. Hey there ya old fart! Thanks for the vid! Old bag of bones! Dusty stinker!! Go Cowboys!

  3. I honestly think we will blow Tennessee out but …thats not going to mean anything. I want to see wins against Philly the Redskins and Atlanta. We need to win the next 4 to have a chance for the playoffs.

  4. Grandpa Law, quite resembling a Young UNCLE DREW when basketball wasn't even a thought

  5. Uncle Garry Jones tell your brother hire u as GM

  6. Should have kept the face hair.

  7. Its senior citizen day at Law Nation

  8. Good morning Law. It's Martymarr from The Chi! We will turn the table threw out the season. COWBOYS NATION

  9. Grandpa off da chain mane, Get out there like Uncle Drew and Play Football with neighborhood kids

  10. OG Law "Tom Landry" Nation.???


  11. PaPa Law in da House ? with the fresh aarp card ??? let’s get it brother Go Cowboys ⭐️

  12. LMAO.. You the next Eddie Murphy ????

  13. The hat just killed me hahahaha

  14. Lmfao that's classic

  15. That mask funny as hell Law reminded me of that movie dirty grampa from the jackazz movies

  16. Hahahah, this made me laugh, I love your analysis about the Cowboys, I wish I could find more people like you.

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