1. Great video. We are worth money to the Gov also because they don't cremate or bury us like they say. They use our bodies for food and makeup etc. who knows what else. All kinds of things. We are all part of the food system first of all. So our bodies are meat in lbs right off the bat.

  2. In the beginning darkness and water ruled the earth but then the 1 true GOD created the LIGHT and LAND. So now they are just trying to rule again on paper. But GOD is not finished. ??

  3. I see u talk like the great king JORDAN MAXWELL.
    YOU KNOW THAT ! RIGHT ???……….


  5. clint Richardson..red pill sunday school..eps 1-20…thanks Cullen…have watched the majority of your great insights..always sharing yourchannel..peace

  6. I think its high tide we claimed back our beautiful waters and land of the earth. I say let's not consent to their bull shite!

  7. YOUR STRAWMAN is another good one to look into

  8. Most people love their enslavement and will Not give up their, invisible sky daddy, who provides for them.
    Working on giving up the name and owning my "vessel" and will live far away form the cities (where you will be packed like sardines in their commie apartments and will have to stat walking again) Mega structures are being built all over the county. We have been in the belly of the beast for the last 2000 years.

  9. The CROWN CORPORATION rules through Freemasonry…A good overview of Common law can be found on the website, Meeting your Strawman. Wonderful.

  10. Don't-cha-jus love it ! Chick-a-boom…Donald Trump hears ya ! Rather owe it to ém than cheat ém out of it !

  11. ? blew my mind!! I'm only at 4:07

  12. thank you,.. so clearly put… crystal clear!.. when water gets moving its a mighty force, and only God real can hold it. bank only divert it!…

  13. dude do i know you

  14. So if you can trick people that's their problem and that's the genesis of the maritime admiralty law that we have now which in no way is constitutional but it was readily available to plug in as an end around to the constitution. The idea that you can dictate morality by writing it down on paper and then violently enforcing it is ludacrise and highly dellusional. You have to be heavily mind controlled to believe such a childish notion and we are. Friends that's why our low state of consciousness manifest hell right here on earth.

  15. I don't think I would be possible to "spell out" the spell we are under.

  16. Well I'll be Damned!!!

  17. So is the solution "…a world/whirled wide conservative mutiny…?" This info is very deep. It is very dark. It is very esoteric. Very sinister. The negative polarity charge is off the scales. Where are the positive counterbalances? The battery cannot operate solely on negative polarity. ~●|●~

  18. Nobody drinks 3 gal of water a day unless strenuous activity is being done

  19. Authority is that of the father, true justice is the exercise of fatherhood. ALL FAMILY COURT JUDGES USURP AUTHORITY OVER THE MAN THROUGH THE MASK OF PERSONAGE.

  20. The admiralty law research shows a good history of the use of red tape to hide evil acts. The problem is, how can this knowledge be used to the advantage of the individual at all? Loopholes seem unsubstantial at this point, some people have had minor successes, but whether the rulers will obey the laws they created when faced head on, I don't know.

    The truth movement is too individualized and disorganized to unite as a group but if we find ways to use law to give individuals more freedom and power it'll be a good first step but I've found little consensus on how to go about it.

  21. In the beginning was the word….there lies the importance of words. The smarter our phones get the smaller on our language gets the government would be happy with Emojis only. Silly sheeple. Awesome video. You touched on the sovereign citizen thing.the trust have you heard of people accessing them tda accounts.something about a strawman,idk

  22. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Cullen is: Handsome; good-looking lad. Don't let it go to your head though. Stay humble. ☺

  23. HAHAHA !!! Scripted …stream of consciousness !!! Ok …. I give up…..hahaha. !!!

    So what is your solution?

  25. Great work Cullen. I learned this material back in 1992 from Jordan Maxwell and it has all been proved out in my own research for the past 26 years. You are right on the money, so to speak!!

  26. All is in front of our eyes and within our language, but we can't see and speak with true words. So, the same in front of our eyes institutions and words slaves us. Thanks and Long life to Lifting The Veil Channel.

  27. An other vid eo mix ing words and con fusing p eop le! Endless pit which breaks your reality.

  28. Son if you do not know flat earth…… you know nothing…….

  29. Thank you for posting, keep going, important work here

  30. Baby spends 9 months in the 9th spear on the tree of life" yesod" or the womb

  31. You're amazing bro. Thanks for everything.

  32. If you want to know truth watch all episodes. Video Series Voice Over BAL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQeVcREN2a86rxhBTb9rXcmXkEtQzv4s2

  33. Jordan maxwell, been talking about this for a long time now

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