1. I can't believe Ha Ha Clinton-Dix got traded to the Redskins for a 4th round pick.

  2. I enjoyed this season more than I did 2016. In 2016 I thought we’d go to the nfc championship and lose to Atlanta. In 2014 I genuinely believed we could’ve won a Super Bowl.

  3. ? look like Dez was getting seperation to me!

  4. Romo didn’t play much better than Dak in this one.

  5. Back when they didn’t stack the box

  6. Man that oline in 2014 was awesome

  7. I can't bare to watch the whole thing, seeing my QB drop back and release the ball in under 2 seconds is hard for me to stomach!!!

  8. Mariota hasn’t met Dak Prescott I see ? cowboys gonna get the dub

  9. What if we had Dez and Cooper? Fricking unstoppable. Well..If Dak doesn't lunch out.

  10. You cant make 2014, 2018…lol… Smh… The team is different… The players older… I dont get your point or why you all live in the past.

  11. Damn Murray had 29 carries, Dunbar 11 and Randle 3 for a total of 43 times (220 yards). This is what the Cowboys need to do but the like has to be dominant. Hopefully Marc Colombo does the trick.

  12. 2014 season > 2016 season

  13. Romo did not have a good day but Murray and the running game really controlled the game is the reason they won.

  14. It's related to the promotion of Marc Colombo

  15. Did you like the 2014 season Law Nation?

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