1. Congrats on your Cowboys last night against the Eagles. That was an amazing game both the offense and defense stepped it up in a major way

  2. I can't wait to see y'all game this Sunday all the way from Chicago Illinois home of the Chicago Bears

  3. Congrats on getting Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders do I smell Super Bowl for the Cowboys

  4. If Tavon is considered part of the WR crew, guessing 6 WRs, it's possible we ride 5 deep in the RB game including FB/Olawale. If anyone hits the practice squad I'd say Scarborough. Jackson is another pass threat along with Austin and also contributes to special teams. Scarborough is one dimensional and practice squad eligible..

  5. whats!!!! up fellows!!!!…. tis is TP from n.c

  6. Tank should have gotten a long term before the franchise tag! It might of cost us a little less than what we going to pay!! Do you guys think in the last two years why did we get all these holding calls against us when Zeke gets a big play or Dak goes long and holding flag but on Defense we never get a holding call for almost five games! LMK

  7. Tyron Smith belongs higher than that!

  8. Wassup from Honolulu Hawaii 808 Cowboys fan!!

  9. The Bay Area in the house!!! But still love Oak Cliff

  10. when did Rico become injury prone? I thought it was just that concussion?

  11. Give GALLUP 4 or 5 games to get used to the speed of the nfl and how the game plays and hell produce. I think gallup is gonna be great.

  12. this is the DEEPEST our defense line and secondary has been in YEARS. If ward, ealy,tapper,irving and dont sleep on datone jones he can play.. all show up ITS GONNA BE SWEET

  13. 6 years 80 million 32-35 to 38 guaranteed. Thats what im thinking martin will get

  14. Finally someone said it…dak needs our full support cuz he can get us where we need to be

  15. First baby. Keep it live.

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