1. Golden Tate going to Philly just made things a whole lot worse for us?

  2. Should've done this move a long time ago

  3. This time finishing the fight becoming the SB Champions

  4. Now the Cowboys offensive line can get back to the business of being the best the NFL …. The Cowboys can get back to being the best team in the NFL…

  5. The Cowboys will get back to winning consistently

  6. The Cowboys needed to fire Alexander

  7. Jerry acknowledging that he screwed this up and trying to fix it but Kellen Moore fore sure should have left with Alexander ?

  8. Golden tate for a 4th or 5th ?

  9. Cut Deonte Thompson get your 4th round pick trade the pick to Tamps for Brate it's only thing that make sense

  10. We should’ve put Collins back at guard and maybe Fleming/Williams at RT

  11. They mopping the floor before we sweep

  12. Law u the best im philly cowboy dave cowboynation

  13. I like Marc Colombo's intensity.

  14. Hudson Houck ungrade OLine Coach. Problem is (4th)& 1.Moore is (3rd)&1,next is Lineahan (2nd)&1. This One is Done ✅ (Garrett). No creativity offensive minded play calling. Jimmy Johnson Called out Garrett!

  15. Why did they ever change the line coach anyway

  16. Mannnn when the beginning of the season I said they should have hired Darrell Reeves & they didn't do it smh

  17. We need get out of 3rd place , start by winning games

  18. What up manny fresh shout out

  19. Jesse James….damn I was hoping for my Tulsa graduate Charles Clay. Well we could add a TE it would help.

  20. Good move I like it…. let’s see some results in the next two weeks. Much love to you all let’s GO COWBOYS! ?

    Cooper #19 starting on Monday night Football ? oh yeah!

  21. You look lile james harden

  22. Glad somebody was fired Law, 3-4, heads got to roll like King George is in town. O line certainly regressing, QB coach next? OC? Off with their heads!

  23. To be honest at the begging ot trainong camp i thought it was a great hire but after so many games you can tell the cowboys arent a power blocking scheme team. They have some very agile lineman that work great in space therfore the zone is a better fit then i thought. Either way the o line must improve especially on passing downs. ??DC4L

  24. I think you should be on the coaching staff!! Seriously….


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