1. SC or any court is not a government and as it delivers any verdict when approached for it. But in recent times given that thousands of cases await judgement years after years in courts all over the country, it has not drawn comments on remedy by SC but rather insignificant cases e.g same sex marriage etc drawing more headlines rather than real benefit to society got early verdict no matter what preference it received. Wd like to see that one day a petitioner wins seeking legalisation on walking by hands in stead of legs.!!

  2. What else is crime??? Expecting faithful partner and loyalty in a relationship ??? May be marriage will also became crime one day

  3. Can someone drop any link (FB,Twitter) of aditi varadwaaj (male activist )

  4. where are we going…Even USA and Europe consider cheating in relationships a crime many sportsmen,celebrities,politicians caught were punished severely, are we more developed and more progressive then USA and Europe,.How can you going to admit a cheating on pretext of marrying or rape tomorrow when accused will say everything happened on mutual understanding and escapes law….. disgusting.

  5. Very worst judgement, all citizens should condemn this, not good for healthy society.

  6. Fair is foul, foul is fair.

  7. SC should have better dictated the marriage terms as it wd be no wonder if there is a verdict tomorrow that marriage is a contract to make a relation free from moral obligations and the parents wd have no bearings for children brought to earth by them. If ťhe equality of women means awarding right to commit adultery thereby removing centuŕy old act then why the law still remains that an woman offender of any nature cant be arrested after 6pm? While both parents are equally responsible for children , what the right for a mother to make adultery cd mean may be best known to court not to mention that there wd always be persons to rejoice a verdict except that it does nt happen in their family like the other verdict on same sex marriage!!

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