1. Garret you make my eyes and hears burn when I see and hear you!

  2. It is hard to get people to try something new when they have had success with what they have done before. We are talking about their livelihoods. I do motion 80 percent of the time on Madden, but in real life, I am sure that I would do tried and true type plays.

  3. I believe Jason Garrett needs to come with some more play calling and stop being conservative when you have the lead do like the Patriots do don't stop until the game is over stop playing conservative

  4. Wasn’t tavon suppose to be the deep threat ? I hope they utilize cooper target him and losen up the defense!

  5. Bro your beard looks like Mr PoPo ass. On another note. Cowboys will never be good until Jerry Money Jones dies. It’s plain and simple. JJ isn’t an NFL com couch so stop acting like one. Cowboys won’t win shit until they understand this. Same as you fan boys. Stop giving them money they don’t deserve it.

  6. Players have been saying this for years. Garrett will use Linnehan as a fall guy at the end of the season. Players have said Garrett was very stubborn and not willing to make changes which is why he let go of a lot of staffers who spoke up. I think Dak will be a fall guy as well next season.

  7. We do not put our players on position to be successful! Everybody was saying Tony Romo was exposing Dak no he looking at the same offense! The Rams, Patriots and Chiefs to name a few move their players with per snap motion or Play action. You can use film from 4 years ago and defend our team! Jimmy had players and vision for that time! Jason G is a weak coach period no type of scheming vs a defense weakness it is no rocket science, this team has talent and had talent in the past 33 former players Pro Bowlers for other teams 4 winning Super Bowls no player development or offensive scheming with the way the game is played. Talent wasted. BLESSINGS AND PLEASE LET'S GO COWBOYS! Playoffs Yes

  8. We knew Washington has fantastic DTs. We should have "toss-sweep' ed " them to DEATH.

  9. Fans can cry " quit talking about the 90s style offense. Its outdated ".. Well guess what. This offense uses it and not to the fullest. The OTHER offense that is using it is in Carolina.. It's already been said that the influence to the cowboys offense is from Norv Turner… From Jimmy Johnson coaching tree and who Dallas should have went after this offseason.

  10. Gran Pa Law was funny.. I think it would hilarious if you did more costume segments where you interview yourself in different characters

  11. You know dak holding onto the ball comes with trust right. Its clear he diesnt trust anyone but beas and gallup to catch everyone else constantly drops the ball

  12. Plain and simple..we dont use our formations to our advantage. We dont disguise anything…Dak should know this and have more input to our offensive scheme..Rams just run and pass out of the same forms…and us? We use one form and dont ever go back to it….smh…still got faith tho! Lets gooo boyz

  13. Law… What kind of juices and berries you putting in your hair homie? Lol What's the secret?

  14. Toss sweeps against a stacked box while u have a mobile o line ???

  15. The offense is prehistoric….

  16. Ayyy I run the sht out that toss its lethal I killed sanfran with it an hr ago ??????????

  17. I think you have a fake channel… U might wanna check that… The channel has 2k subscribers

  18. I will be looking forward to week 13. 🙂

  19. Dak will have a good game!! Hes our qb!!

  20. OLAWALE should be used more.

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