1. Rashaan Evans is waaaaay better than this guy. Study his film. He shuffles his feet before pursuit and thats going to be his downfall in the league and he cant shed blockers like Evans can.

  2. Nickname Tre The Destroyer

  3. LOS. I like that and Him. Aka 55 little Roland

  4. Tremaine Edmunds ANOTHER Defensive Player that LAYS THE LUMBER!!!!

  5. I’d definitely like to see Dallas get this guy

  6. No disrespect law nation but I think Fred warner from BYU would be a better pick for us maybe not in the first round but 2 or 3.

  7. With the 9th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select Tremaine Edmunds Linebacker Virginia Tech.

  8. Raiders all day fellas

  9. his twitter is savage maine so i guess…. just "the Savage"

  10. he is nice,but Deshon Elliot showed more picks and better ball stealing mindfulness, can't we pick all of them? lol

  11. Dude, I enjoy your videos but PLEASE get your big ass head out from in front of the video!!

  12. Wdyt he going first round? Or what

  13. Tremaine Da Predator Edmunds

  14. Just visualize him after a year or two being mentored by Sean Lee…

  15. Law, THIS kid, though.. Imagine him and Sean Lee AND Jaylon Smith in the same backfield. Bruh, the best LB corps EVER.. Better than the 85 Bears, better than the 00 Ravens.. I dont think there would be a team in the NFL that could run on Dallas. NO ONE. Name a team that could run in that trio. I'll wait…..

  16. I don’t see our front office taking a LB in the first round cause we still have Sean lee and Jaylon smith still growing

  17. I was at that Pitt game last year he's super nice. Tremaine "Event" Edmunds

  18. Love this guy. I doubt Dallas will draft him. They already have Smith. But damn; what a player.

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